I waited for the guys to call on executing the job,and ordered them to leave her on a the street  to her house in blood.Kendrick can’t u hear u phone ringing?Ken was completely lost in thought.I streched and pick his phone since he wasn’t in the mood to answer .Hello please am I speaking to ken ?The voice said behind the phone. I  place it on high speaker so he can speak, Yes I m  ,how can I help u?he reluctantly asked .I m sorry but a young Lady has been found in a pool of blood and we manage to find your number on her phone. The name on her ID is Ellen Williams.We are taking her to Ridge hospital cos her condition is critical, Jesus my sister ,ken screamed.
I managed to calm him down as we head to the hospital.She was ongoing an emergency blood transfussion after loosing soo much blood from the rape.I could see myself in her,exactly how I looked when I  was raped by his brother some years back.
Ken couldn’t control his tears as he called his family to announce what had happen to his sister.I was expecting another blow that will be when the doctor will tell her ,he found HIV virus in her blood sample.
I left ken with his sister for a while,went out and wrote a short letter for Godwin since he will be here any moment from now.I wanted to see his face when he learn out that his sister is like this cos of him.The letter content was like.      
     Dear gentleman ,I hope u are enjoying your life now that your little sister has paid for the crime u have committed with your friends some years ago when you raped a hound naive girl.Look at how Ur sister is now, that is exactly how the girl always was after.
         From your rape girl.
I enveloped it and paid a young guy to deliver it to him when he enters the hospital.I hurriedly left to join ken as we waited for the whole family.Not long they entered and the young guy brought the letter to him
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