Godwin face as he read the letter was terrible,he was soo scared that the letter in his hand started shaking.One could see fear in his eyes,Godwin what is in that letter that had made your mood change?His mother asked.Mum is nothing ,it just a letter from one of my class mate who has lost his brother.he lied.I wasn’t suprise he had lied cos he possibly can’t break the beans that he is the reason for his sister’s misfortune.
He scrambled the letter into his pocket.Ken sister was still unconscious when the doctor entered.hey doctor pls how is my daughter ,his mum impatiently.The look on the doctor face was not encouraging.Like a prophetess, I knew what the doctor was going to say.HIV!
Well is good all of you are here to hear this,i m sorry but your daughter has HIV in her blood sample. HIV what ?They screamed in chorus.I gave a secret smile.My plan 1 is perfectly executed.To our suprise ken sister has regain consciousness and had heard everything the doctor had said.How I wish I wouldn’t have waken up and had died instead ,she said weeping.
My princess you are awake ,her mother asked drawing closer to her.Mummy I m going to die! No dear,i will take care of you and give u all the best treatments so you live longer,you arent going to die now.Godwin walked outside to wipe while I kept comforting ken .The next event i was expecting is for her to commit suicide after knowing she is HIV positive which I know wouldn’t last long.Ken and I went home after his sister had been discharged but ken was soo down.I felt sorry for him but couldn’t do anything about it.
Days went by as I waited for news about his sister’s condition.Ken arrived home after one Monday night in tears,his sister had poison herself in her room cos she couldn’t live with HIV stigmatization.This news was like a heaven gate opened for me ,finally my first prey is out of the picture.Now Godwin is next but for him I needed Leticia to help me execute that.
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