Beyond My Heart Episode 2


At About 8 pm the party was over,Kendrick mum came for him while the others went by themselves.I was soo exhausted from the party that i even forgot the presents my friends had brought ,my nanny with the help of the maid helped tidy up while I walked to my room.

  I needed to rest cos I had class early that morning.Kendra, my nanny called rushing towards me with my phone in her hand. Is mummy on the phone.Nanny Ella was more than just my nanny ,she was like my second mother.

  She had devoted all her life in taking care of me,.I quickly press the video call button after collecting it.

Hello my princess,my mum said with a peck through the phone.Happy birthday sweet sister ,my little brother yell from  behind.The whole family chorused birthday song for me.

Sis i hope u will come down for my 9th  birthday , he uttered with expectation.Well speaking about stelvin birthday ,I will prepare a ticket for u to come down for his birthday and that will be my gift for u ,my dad interrupted.The sound of me coming home was a honey mixed feeling for me.

  I was soo eager to see my family after years of being away.Daddy are u sure?I asked with doubt.yes my princess, ur dad and I had agreed on that .My mum added. Yhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My little brother jumped with joy .My happiness knew no bound from that moment.My little brother birthday was just some months away.

  At least this news had made my birthday complete.I went to bed fulfilled.Kendrick on the other hand was messaging me with numerous birthday wishes.I possibly can’t find the perfect way to tell ken that I  be going down and wondering how he will take it,.Kendrick wasn’t use to spending even a day at school without me.

  I was like his other half .Before I could reply all his messages I was already gone and snoring..
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