Beyond My Heart Episode 19


I was impatiently waiting for ken to come so i can ask him a dreadful question that can change everything between us.I was soo eager to know the truth but the other side was scared of the outcome.I knew my thirst for revenge can’t be quenched by a mere love and worst of all his brother too was part of tge guys who raped me years back.I waited for ken throughout the night till sleep crept me down my feet.How I wish I didn’t even close my eye,I had a terrible night mare,in the dream I say ken in front of his father ,and as I threw a sword it hit right in ken’s heart which left him bleeding.
I waked up distressed and confuse.Honey I m back,ken said as he entered.I m sorry I wasn’t able to call u ,actually my phone went off and mum asked me to stay with her throughout the night  but she is fine now.I was tempted to ask him but that wasn’t the appropriate manner,he is just from the hospital so he need to freshen up ,eat and afterwards I can ask.My prince why don’t u go shower while I prepare u something to eat.He did wat I had said while I prepared him his favourite. I watched him as he eat,my love is there something wrong?since I return u have been moody throughout, did i do something wrong?he asked pursing his food.No dear,I just miss u ,I lied.I didn’t want him suspecting anything.I made him finish his food ,went to the sitting room where we share a glass of juice.Kendrick ,u know I don’t know your father ,so tell me the name of my father in law,I asked in pretence.
Well your dad in law is Mr Benard Williams., Out off shock in hearing that I mistakenly slipped the glass of juice off my hands.Honey are u OK?He asked cleaning my soil hands.
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