LA GATA (THE STRAY CAT) Thursday 29th oct episode


We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode
Jarocha thinks there was no need for Virginia to neglect the advice of her doctor into taking her medicines because this pregnancy is going to cause lots of problems and Fela also thinks that is also wrong but putting her legs in her shoes, she thinks Virginia wants to leave something of her own behind after she dead.
Garabato goes to see Silencioso to help him to get his child since Ines prefers to give it away to someone else and it makes him so uncomfortable as he wants his child to be with him. Silencioso calms him down and promise to ask detective Pedro to suggest an idea they think can help to get his child for him. Garabato pleads with Silencioso to help him to become a literate among his people in every aspect of his life not only education but in mannerism (how to eat, dress, talk, walk etc) as he did to Esmeralda so that he will also become a different person altogether without any smell from the garbage dump so that he can also teach his child as he grows up beside him and Silencioso accepts in gladness because he thinks that Garabato is a good man with a great heart and not useless.
Vicky’s brother promises to help Gisela come out of her sickness no matter the number of days it is going to take him to do so he will certainly give her back her life.
Silencioso calls detective Pedro and after telling Garabato’s worry about his unborn child and how Ines wants to give it away, he suggests that, he is going to come up with an idea through which he can claim that child if not he is going lose it forever.
Silencioso as part of the effort to help Garabato to become an important personality for the society and his child, he employs mannerism teachers to help Garabato to learn every bit of what he wishes to know and Garabato gradually becomes so fantastic in his teachings. Esmeralda also gives a helping hand after his studies to also teach him what she was also thought to become who she is and Garabato humbled himself before her to learn from Esmeralda.
After all the training Silencioso thinks that Garabato still needs to do something about his personal appearance since that is what people use to read others and treat them the way they look because what he is now should be consistent with his appearance. Garabato is taken to the barbering shop to have a nice and gentle cut and he actually looked so handsome.
Esmeralda graduate from the university with a degree and the best student in her class and she took the opportunity to advice all her friends not to give up in life no matter the hard situation one may experience in life. She then thanked each and every one who stood by her till now.
2million is the amount of money Ines asks to take before she gives her child for adoption and as it it some couples go to her to ask her for the child and they agree to give her that some of money so she also accepts to keep it for them and after birth they can come for it.
Esmeralda and Pablo find an engineer and they go with him to survey the garbage dump to make estimate about the cost it will involve to build up thousands of apartment in a storey building and after the engineer stated the amount, she asks the engineer to start doing something because her father and Pablo are solidly behind her.
Upon Carlos’ anger in not accepting to love his child, Virginia as a great wife is able to convince him with all the power in a woman and finally Carlos accepts to take her opinion into consideration to make them enjoy the little time they have to spend together.
Ines delivers and the couples come with the two million to adopt the child as agreed upon and though Mrs. Rita pleaded with Ines not to give the child away she still insists and says all she wanted it the money and not that brat of a child and again says that boy child will always be grateful that she gave him away to rich people.
Virginia also is in labor and Carlos becomes so worried and sad thinking losing his wife and Pablo, Esmeralda and mariano go to the hospital to give Carlos their support and by God’s grace she gave birth to a girl and the doctor comes outside to inform them about the news but on the contrary too he asks them to prepare for Virginia’s corpse since she only have little time to live and it becomes a big blow to everyone and Carlos especially and fails to hold back his tears.
Everyone enters the ward to say their last words to Virginia before she departs to the other world. It reaches the turn of Carlos and tears become the other of the day as they imagine the things they plan to do as a family. Virginia then asks the name they are going to give their child and Carlos stated that to him love only has one name and it is Virginia. So Virginia suggested if he thinks that is what he defines it then he should name the child Virginia and Carlos accepts it and immediately after that, Virginia gave up the ghost and the little Virginia also grew up as a blind girl.
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