Beyond My Heart: Episode 17


Kendrick and I were willing to fight tooth and nail for our love, his mum and brother were opposing it with all their power. I hope his father will be on our side when he return from his trip. My love are u ready? ken asked in his Gucci designed shirt looking soo stunning. We were going for a 3 days trip at Oda resort.

He planned this so we can spend quality time together. Yess my Prince I’m almost done. Hope u have packed all the things in the car?I asked as I entered the car. Ken was showing me a greater kind of love that exist only in fairy tales. We had fun as we drove through the journey. We finally arrive at the resort after 3 hours of driving.

Ken had already ordered for our room and everything. Do u like the room my love? he asked placing our bags down. Yes dear, it really beautiful. He drew closer placing his moist cute lips on mine. I did all this for my princess. I gave out a smile and left to the washroom. Should I join u dear? he asked from the sitting room.

I’m waiting honey, I replied in a moany way. He joined me there as we had our bath together. This was different from all the men I had slept with cos ken was the love of my life. It was a passionate, ever longing desire. I felt soo secured in his broad hairy chest , it was a dream I never wanted to wake up from.

After taking some cookies and ice cream we slept off. Ken was soo gentle and strong,he is every lady’s dream in bed. Morning breeze drew it carpet on us, we had lots of places to go for the day. I woke up,made breakfast for him in bed. My future wife is perfect for my kids and I, I can’t wait to wake up everyday with u, he said teasingly.

And my future husband is super perfect for my kids and I. Ken’s phone rang which interrupted us. He picked it and whispered to my face. Is my father. The sound of his father made me panic. I watched ken as he talked with his dad,”WHAT” he yelled! My mother has collapsed and need blood? I know dad, I will be there soon.

With curiosity I asked what the problem was. My love my mum has collapsed and need blood transfusion. I’m the only person with her type of blood, which simply means I got to go there now. Ken couldn’t watch his mother die, we took a flight back to Accra,he went directly to the hospital while I went home.

I wanted to go with him but that will be disastrous cos they all despise me.
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  1. Wow what an interesting stop. Congratulation dear one so u always make ma day wenever i read e story. Eager to see e Episode 18 of Beyond my heart.

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