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   Acacia has given the ring Esteban bought for her to Louisa and Esteban sees Louisa wearing.the ring and inquire from her where she got the ring from and Louisa tells him that Acacia gave the ring to her as a gift.Esteban looking very unhappy about the situation goes to Acacia’s room to ask her why on earth she gave the ring to Louisa. Acacia upon hearing that from Esteban’s mouth quickly slaps him and Esteban asks her reason for doing that and Acacia tells him that, she has now discovered that he is a jolt because she overheard her mother saying that putting the business under her name was all his idea and that she now realized that it was him who planned the idea and Esteban told her that her insinuation is not true. Acacia then tells him that, it is actually true because she knows that Esteban only came back to her mother to convince her to put the money under her name so that he and her (Acacia) will run away
together but that money is not even hers but her mother’s so how on earth can he even plan
such a stupid thing and she also can’t imagine the kind of game he is trying to play with her and her mother. Esteban then stated that, he only did that to protect her because when Christina finds out that both of them love each other, she (acacia) will be left with nothing but Acacia tells him that that is never going to happen because their relationship ends right that minute and suddenly Esteban looked very nervous.
   After Esteban left the room, Acacia immediately goes to see Ulises to see if things could work out for her and so she intentionally picks up the password Alejandra’s gave to her to give it to Ulises and she uses that as an excuse but after speaking to Ulises he never gave her the chance to say any other
think when acacia asked him if they can be able to talk but said to acacia that he is not available since he is very busy. Acacia then
told him that, if that is so, that visit is going to be her last and she is not going to bother him
again because she now sees that he doesn’t want to see her again and bid Ulises goodbye.


   Ulises after that, got inside the room and starts to shed tears and when Estralia asked him the reason and who Acacia is to him, he tells her that acacia is a friend of Alejandra who he fell in love with but they no more and looking at the circumstances of their break up it hurts him very much since he truly loved and trusted her but she never did. Estrelia then consoles him that everything is going to be fine.


   Danilo continues to search for the whereabouts of Estrelia but he never gets any trace of her. He returns home very worried and angry. Alejandra pretends like she knows nothing about where Estrelia is and she asked Danilo if he was able to look for her but Danilo told her, “that damn brat hasn’t even show up at all”. Alejandra again pretends to.wonder and says to Danilo that, by now Estrelia might be very frightened because she doesn’t know anyone around. Danilo answers her, that happened because Estrelia is very stupid but also tells Alejandra that, he thinks that she is really the one who gave Estrelia that idea of running away. Alejandra tells him that she swear by everything that she has no hand in that very act of Estrelia because Perla and
Julianita were always there any time she is giving Estrelia her medicine and if she had told
Estrelia anything of that sort, Perla and Julianita would definitely have run to give him the news but even with that Danilo still threatens her that, if ever he finds out she had a hand in Estrelia’s escape he is going to kill her (Estrelia) and her family.Alejandra pleads with him and ask him that, if he indeed find out that she (Alejandra) was part of the plan he should rather kill her and spare Estrelia and her family but Danilo tells her that, he wouldn’t kill her because he can’t afford to lose her company.
  Hector return from his travelling and he visits Ulises to have a look at all the evidences he’s gathered to be able to catch Danilo. Ulises showed every bit of the evidence to him and he became very astonished about the kind Danilo is into. Ulises then ask hector if all these evidences are capable of arresting
Danilo and hector reveals to him that, indeed if they do everything according to the law of they are surely going to catch Danilo no matter what but first what they have to do is allow Cartia (Hector’s secretary) to take Estralia with her to the city before they commence anything if not it is going to be dangerous for her if Danilo gets hold of her.
   Esteban enters acacia’s room to confront her to ask why she went out to see Ulises and warns her not to try to do anything stupid of that sort again because she can’t run away from their love and Acacia tells him after finding out
about who he is, she wants to go far away from him. Esteban then tries to harass her and tells her that, even if she runs away to the end of this world he is going to find her. Acacia becomes very frightened and asks Esteban why he is acting like a mad man towards her because she finds it difficult to understand why he can’t let her be. Esteban said that, yes of course because he is indeed mad about her and he also know that she also loves him and.therefore she should allow
them to be together but acacia refused him.
   After Esteban left the room, she quickly goes to see Manuel in pain and very afraid and she
proposes to him to marry her and though Manuel had wanted an explanation but Acacia never gave any but only asked him if he will do that to save her because she really wants to get married and Manuel accepts it with all of his heart since he was even actually expecting Acacia to love him already.
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