Beyond My Heart: Episode 13



I’m now a supersex addict after 7 years of experience in the prostitution business,due to my seriousness and commitment to the business for the pass years Mama Gee made me her assistance. As at now I have numerous clients and was living a lavish life. To me I lived like tomorrow never existed,life was sooo sweet for me.

Riding latex and wearing all kinds of designer wears with much expensive jewelries was my other of the day which made most of the girls jealous of me. My beauty pulled lengthy of men like a magnet, there was no party or club in town that I will miss and always get men running after me.

One unfortunately thing was that I never saw those guys again after we had gone to the hotel after clubbing. I mean one of those guys who raped me but knew one day we gonna cross path again. I have turned differently from the kendra people once knew, bitterness, pain and zeal for revenge was eating me up.

Being Mama Gee’s assistant, my work was to assign the girls to their men for each day. Miss Kendra! pls when is my man coming? Leticia asked. Leticia is a girl who had join our business some weeks ago.Don’t worry girl, yours is on his way. I replied. Most of the girls had gone with their client for the night leaving few who were still waiting .

Miss kendra, I think mine is coming, I have spotted a very cute guys coming toward here. Leticia said peeping through the window, sit down and wait till they come in girl. Just then the door was opened and two fair guys stepped out. Good evening young men, at your service, u can choose any of the ladies here for the night, I said pulling the table in front of me.

Kendra! One of the guys called. I looked up to him trying to recollect where I know him from, his face looked familiar but couldn’t remember. kendra is me Kendrick. You forgotten me soo soon and what the hell are u doing here. Wow Kendrick had totally change over the years.What was he also doing here? I said in silence.

I could see the shock and disappointment on his face as he watched me. Well u men select your choice. I repeated turning my face down. OK I want u for the night ,Kendrick said pointing to me. I didn’t mind spending the night with him cos that was my business and beside I m not the same Kendrick he knew some years back.

Ohk Sir I m at your service. I said standing up to his side. His friend also chose Leticia.Kendrick was still in shock as he watched me enter his car.
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