Beyond My Heart Episode 12



  The sight of Maa Abena entry made me forget how to put on my dress. The look on her face was obvious I wasn’t going to get out alive. Jesus this man has killed me.Maa Abena stood at the door in gaze.Honey is not what u are thinking? He tried to justify. U see I was in my room when kendra entered and striped herself before me ,I couldn’t control myself from her seduction.

  I’m sorry my love. I turn to look at him,what is he saying? I seduced him? eeei ewiase. Only God will be my witness.Before I could explain my portion of the issue a hot slap landed on my face. U ingrate! how could u seduce and lure my husband into sex?You are indeed a demon,no wonder my daughter despise u.

  She held me by my ears and pulled me out of the room. Leave my house now ,she roared. I should have known from the start, she threw my bag on me outside and ordered the gateman to throw me out.Hmmmmm my end has come, is this fate or is a curse. Nothing I do seems to work for me and now I’m back on the street again with nothing and no one to defend me.

  I went and sat near a gutter pondering on all the things that had happen to me and came to conclude that life had nothing to offer me and I was born to be a sex tool.I decided to go back to Mama Gee’s house to join the prostitution cos with that I can get food and live comfortable. My prayer now was not for her to sack me cos that will be my only hope to survive.

  With the help of some good Samaritans I was able to locate Mama Gee who suprisingly welcomed me into the house. whatever she ask me to, even if it meant sleeping with 10 men a day i was ready to. I was a big breakthrough for Mama Gee cos I attract lot of customers with my beauty which made me her favorite.

  After weeks of experience , I started enjoying my job as a prostitute. I could sleep with 6 men a day including ministers and prominent men. One Friday night after our normal night clubing a group of young guys paid us for sex. I followed one of them to a hotel where I got to know and recall who he was.

  The guy who gave me the the drink and after raped me with his friends. There i knew with my work now I can trace them all. And have my revenge

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