Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 13


I left work very early on Tuesday, two weeks after my adventure at the beach. The work must be taking its toll on me because I was feeling physically weak. My physical weakness was not going to stop me from going to church but I wanted some time to rest so I left earlier than usual. Informing Richard did not cross my mind because all I wanted was going home, having a shower and sleeping.

I entered my car and zoomed out of the hospital premises on top speed. I was just about a half way through the journey when I noticed the flat tire at the driver’s side of the car. I must have skipped it in my rush because it was at zero level. This struck me as odd and strange because I just had the tires changed a week ago. This is frustrating, I thought as I parked beside the road to see what I can do. What does a girl know about a mechanic’s job?

I dialed my mechanic but his number was switched off. I did not sight any roadside mechanic so I did what anyone in my situation would do – do the job myself. I got out my spare tire from the boot, my jack and wheel spanner. Just as I was going about my business, a car parked in front of mine but I was beyond caring. I placed the jack under the car and started pumping it in order to lift the car.

“Who do we have here?” I heard behind me and the voice registered immediately I heard it. I turned slowly and saw the very person who owned the voice.

“what are you doing here, Kelvin?” I asked surprised that he was actually there and even more surprised that I could recollect his voice.

“I was just driving by and saw you. I don’t need to look twice to recognize you, even in the dark.” He responded with a smile which I found increasingly annoying by the minute.

“That’s great. You can go now, after all, you can see that I am busy”. I said and continued my work.

“No” he responded sharply. “I can’t possibly leave you here to do this. I am sure you don’t have the slightest idea about what you are doing. Don’t let me pass the chance to save a damsel in distress, especially when the damsel is you. What happened between us should be in the past now. We are Christians”. He said and with feeling? I can’t believe it. I looked at him feeling slightly irritated.

He gently shoved me aside and took over the job without permission. I folded my hands across my chest as I watched him fix the tire almost effortlessly. Something told me that this is no chance meeting and I kept that thought at the back of my mind.

He was through about 15 minutes later and I thanked him for his help but he blocked me unexpectedly as I made to enter my car, causing me to bump into him. I righted myself and faced him with a questioning glare and he backed down.

“I just… I just thought we could have a drink nearby, you know, to catch up on lost time” he said.

“Oh… I don’t think it would be a good idea. You know, having people see us together might create a wrong impression and I would like to avoid that. I am happily married and I don’t want rumours getting in the way of my happily ever after. Seeing that you are not wearing a wedding ring, it suggests that you are not married, so it is best to stay away from your Ex in order to encourage ladies to look in your direction. Besides, we are Christians, right? Thanks again and have a nice day” I said in one breath and before he could think of stopping me, I was already in my car with the doors firmly locked. I pulled out and headed home.

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Oyinade moved confidently towards Richard’s office to give a report about some patients. Her dressing would be described as anything but descent. Her skirt was tight enough to display the enormous load she was carrying and her shirt was not able to withhold the overflow of flesh and her cleavage was in public display.

She had decided that the foreplay was long overdue; she needed to get what she wanted. Richard raised his eyes when she entered and his eyes seemed to linger a bit more than they usually did, she noted with satisfaction.

She did not wait for permission before she sat down, crossing her legs in front of her. Richard noticed all these gestures but did not say a word. She set about her job, using her most fascinating voice and trying to be as accountable as possible. When she was done, all she heard was,

“Alright, you can leave now” from her boss. She stood up slowly and was at the door when she heard Richard calling her. She smiled victoriously but faced Richard looking indifferent. For the first time, Richard faced her fully. It was as if he was seeing her for the very first time.

“Why are you dressed so indecently?” he asked suddenly. Oyin was speechless. That was not the question she was expecting. “You have to always remember that this is a hospital and not a hotel. If you wish to remain in this hospital, holding the position you presently are, you would have to dress moderately. Do you understand me?” he said with seriousness written all over him.

Oyinade’s throat became thick. She could not stand the humiliation. She muttered her apologies and vanished to her office where she cried tears of disgrace and annoyance. She picked up her phone and dialed Ronke’s number.

“Carry out plan B now” she ordered immediately Ronke picked.

“What is the matter again girl, that is not our plan” she heard over the receiver.

“I don’t give a d–n. Do it now” she yelled and the line went dead. She started pacing the office in anger

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To be continued