Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 14


Richard could not understand the ploy of his assistant. She had been exceptional with her work ever since she came but he could not fathom why she would dress so exposing. He had noticed it the previous day and kept quiet but seeing it repeat itself today sent a warning signal. It was as though she was bent on seducing him or someone else.

He hadn’t meant to embarrass her the way he did but he could not think of a better way to present it if he wanted a change. Men are not stones and if he could control himself, he could not say the same about the other guys in the hospital.

Belina had disapproved of her immediately she saw her for reasons he could not understand but he knew that she always trusted her instincts and her judgements are often correct.

His Phone beeped notifying him that he had a message and he stopped what he was doing to check it. He also wanted to call his wife to find out how she was feeling, so in a hurry, he opened the message but what he saw gave him a chill. It was not terribly bad but he still could not imagine it.

He read the message and enlarged the picture attached to it. The sender of the message was not identified but that was not his problem. He stood up from his chair immediately and left his office.

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********** **********

I lay in the bathtub feeling slightly better than before. The warm water made my nerves settle and I felt good within few seconds. Remembering my encounter with Kelvin, I scrubbed my body clean because I didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

We are Christians, I remembered him say. And so what? Was he not a Christian when he tried to have his way with me, knowing fully well that we were not married yet? Was he not a Christian when he got that harlot to his bed, thinking he would be able to persuade me with that ridiculous act? He must be out of his mind if he thinks he can come between me and my husband.

All these went through my mind as I rinsed, toweled and left the bathroom. I remembered that Richard always became slightly edgy whenever Kelvin’s name came up in a discussion. He hated what Kelvin did to me and always emphasized his desire to punch the daylight out of his guts for what he did to me.

Thinking of Richard, I remembered that I did not tell him I would leave the hospital early. I was about reaching for my phone when it rang. The number I.D was hidden and I hesitated. I did not pick up the first time but the call was repeated. I picked and placed the phone on my ear without speaking.

“Hello” I heard a female voice say over the receiver.

“Yes? Who am I speaking with?” I asked

“Please, is this Mrs Belina Branson?” she asked instead of answering my own question.

“Yes. Who is this please?”

“I would like to remain anonymous ma. I love you so much and I have read a lot about you and what you have been through. Your story is very touching and inspring. I know you but you don’t know me. I admire your inner and outer beauty and that is why I am not happy with what your husband is doing ma”. I was surprised.

“What are you talking about” I asked curiously.

“Your husband is cheating on you ma” I heard her say.

“What?” I yelled.

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“You must have someone else in mind. I am sure of it” I said confidently already feeling irritated.

“No ma’am. He is cheating on you with the lady working with him; that lady with huge buttocks and b—–s. Believe me ma, I usually see them together and I even saw them kissing one day in the eatery not so far away from the hospital. I know you would not believe me but remember, I warned you”.

“Who are you and who sent you?” I yelled but the line was already dead.

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To be continued