Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 35


Ronke stood up from the bed, trying to dress up. The idiotic pig had used her and used her over again to his satisfaction. Can she blame him? She had made herself available. She looked over her shoulders at the snoring pot-bellied man and had the instant urge to throw up. She wanted to kick him in the butt and yell for him to give her her money so she could leave but she wanted to be dressed when she wakes him. She could not allow this despicable man to stare at her nakedness like he owns her.

She decided a little shower would be great; to wash away the hands of the filthy man before it sticks to her body. Confident that the chief would not be roused from his sleep, she arranged her clothes on the bed and made for the bathroom. She had her hand on the door handle as she was closing the bathroom door when her eyes fell on the brief case under the bed. She closed the door, dismissing the briefcase for a mere documents box and slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

As the water hit her body, she shuddered and relaxed. The box still tugged at her brain though. She put off the shower and dried her body hurriedly in order to satisfy her curiosity. She would shower later, she thought, sneaking out of the bathroom carefully in order not to rouse the sleeping man.

She pulled out the briefcase and tip-toed back into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet seat, she tried to pry the locks open. She tried everything she could ever think of but the box just would not give way. She groaned softly. She remembered that he had once told her the password to unlock his phone and she turned the locks. ‘2552’. The box gave way and she heaved a huge sigh but the sigh immediately turned to a quick gasp when her eyes caught a glimpse of what laid in the box. She pulled up the cover slowly and her eyes widened. Saliva was threatening to escape her mouth and a tiny ounze dropped before she could think of closing her mouth.

Staring at her was a box full of pounds sterling bundles. She could not even imagine how much the money would be. She closed the box in a hurry, dropped it carefully on the floor, peeped to be sure the chief was still asleep, then tip- toed out of the bathroom. She gathered her clothes, went back into the bathroom, and wore everything in a record- breaking speed limit; the bath she had planned to have did not even cross her mind. She picked up the box and left the bathroom, picked up her shoes and slipped the briefcase into her extra-large handbag – thank God for big ladies’ bag. Shoes in hand, she got out. Wore the shoe in a hurry and hurried out. ‘Oyinade can go to hell as far as I am concerned. This money is the koko’ she thought, flagging down a bike outside the hotel, with plans to elope on her head.

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Oyinade had cornflakes in her mouth as she watched a Yoruba movie in African magic. She watched as funke akindele entered the house of a herbalist and a thought occurred to her. Maybe she would have to visit one herself, she thought. The pressure she had been feeling had been lifted immediately she made the phone call. It is just a day to the two weeks deadline and she was feeling perfectly at ease. She laughed at the hilarious display on the TV and focused her attention on the movie.

The ringing of her phone diverted her attention and she picked it with her eyes still glued to the TV. One glance at the caller’s ID made her loose total interest in the movie. Tikes had promised to call yesterday in order to get descriptions but he hadn’t called.

“Hello”… “I have one”… “Alright, I would send both to you now”… She rose to her feet, heading towards the kitchen. She dropped her empty plate in the zinc and rinsed her hands with the water from the zinc tap.

After drying her hands with a towel, she went back to the sitting room, picked up her phone and started pressing her phone. After typing for about a minute, she paused and stopped to inspect what she had typed before sending it. When she got the delivery report, she dropped the phone with a smile. No matter what happened, nothing could be traced to her because she had ensured that her ID was hidden, everytime she either called or sent a message. She relaxed fully, resuming her movie.

To be continued