Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 34


Richard and I ran into the house laughing and pursuing each other like two teenagers. He was pursuing and I was running. I stopped immediately I entered the sitting room and he almost ran me over but held me for support, due to my condition. If it had been just a month ago, he would have run me over and we would have fallen on the deep rug, him beneath and me on top of him. He held on to me as we tried hard to control our laughter.

The dinner date had been so romantic and awesome. It was a candle light dinner in the open veranda of a beautifully decorated eatery. The smell of the flowers flowed into my nostrils as the cool breeze made me feel totally awesome. The music was just right and I could not fault anything at all, the place was simply divine. My loss of appetite vanished immediately I perceived the aroma of the delicacy in placed in front of me. It was a french dish and the taste teased my taste buds as I savored it in my mouth.

We talked, laughed and talked more as we ate, forgetting our table manners. The event on the past week was not mentioned at all, it was as though he did not want to remember it at all. It was good because I also did not want something so sore to affect our dinner.

He came back from BRH obviously after reading my message but I still felt there was something else that propelled his leaving. The laughter vanished and we became silent. I held on to Richard’s hand, trying to remove the heels I had on. The comfortable feel of the rug greeted my feet making me relax fully, though I was still standing.

The penetrating gaze from Richard was making me very uneasy as I looked everywhere but his eyes. After browsing virtually everything in the sitting room, my gaze finally landed on his. The deep desire I saw there did not surprise me, it only made my heartbeat race faster than usual – that is what I get for putting on an extremely seductive cloth.

“You have the habit of making me very nervous, don’t you?” I said sarcastically, trying to lighten up the mood. He smiled, making me feel more uneasy.

“I am just repaying the favour. You had the prologue, I have the epilogue” he whispered. I shuddered visibly as he inched closer, so close that our bodies touched and his breath was felt on my skin. My knees were weak and on the verge of giving way as I stared into his desire clouded eyes with equal desire.

His soft manly perfume teased my nostrils. He placed his hands on my sides, moving them downwards to come to a halt on my hips slowly. His breathing became ragged and his voice husky.

“Why did you put on this dress? You should know that no good would come from you seducing me, you might just get more than you seek” I breathed, trying very hard unsuccessfully to draw a descent breath.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I feigned innocence.

He wanted to laugh but the laughter came out more like a groan. The evidence of his desire made my breath vanish totally as my leg brushed against his hardness. He groaned, pulling me to him roughly. He bit the arc between my neck and my shoulder softly causing me to moan softly. He kissed my eyes, nose but stopped just a breath away from my mouth.

I raised my head, standing on tip-toes but he maintained the slim distance, making me go crazy with need.

“You want me to kiss you? Ask for it.” He said; his mouth just an inch away. I was stupefied. I did not want to give him the victory but his torment was making it increasingly difficult to keep a straight head.

“Please” I whispered hoarsely. He smiled slightly.

“Please what?” he asked. I groaned.

“Kiss me d–n you” I yelled frustrated slamming my fist softly against his chest.

He did not wait a second longer. He covered my mouth in a fierce hungry kiss which I returned it like manner. It was like the first time; every time is like the first time but more so now. All the material barriers were removed as we basked in love, right there in the sitting room.

To be continued