Befriending A Ghost – Episode 10


Daphne! She called as she looked around the sitting room….Daphne! I muttered and before I could say anything, she ran out the house crying…I stood there dumbfounded and made no move to go after her ……

What the hell just happened! Why did she call daphne! Did she see her! Is Daphne here……..what am I even saying? I ran my hands through my hair, I was damn confused….

If only Daphne could have confided in me! if she could have shared her pains with me ! I would have stop her from killing herself.but no, she decided to act on her own and see where it got her to , the grave! I stared at the picture of her I was holding and smiled lightly……… I really missed her, she could have atleast said goodbye

Sasha Alfredo

Alighting from the taxi, I paid the driver and walked slowly towards the front door …. I was worried about Daphne and was at the same time trying to come up with a good excuse ….Pushing the front door opened, I took a deep breathe before walking in and as expected, I met my mum seated in the sitting room……

hi mum! I greeted

Why are late? Where did you go? Why are you just coming home by this time? She asked rushingly and then stood up in a huff

Erm I was reading at school. I lied and she scoffed …..

Reading! Then why didn’t you try to call me? She queried

My phone battery was flat. I answered

You could have made use of a friend phone , Do you know how worried I was . She retorted angrily and I bent my head in guilt

I am sorry mum . I apologised

It is alright. She assured and I sighed in relief, Go and freshen up and then come down for dinner. She added and I nodded slowly

I took a steps forward and stopped when I remembered the “sleepover with Cory”….

Are you alright? She asked with a concerned look and I nodded

Then why the sudden stop? She continued

Actually mom a friend of mine is having problem with maths and she really needs my help so I was thinking if it will be alright to invite her over for a sleepover.. I said expecting her to flare up but instead she smiled

I can see you already getting use to your new school. She said teasingly and I widened my eyes in surprise

Is that a yes mum? I asked to be sure and she nodded

Thank you mum . I said in appreciation and  ran upstairs to my room…..

Entering my room, I looked around for Daphne but she was no where in sight …..Where could she be? I wondered, I pulled off my shoes and then collapsed on the bed , i was so tired…My mind drifted back to what Declan said

Daphne committed sucide because of a lover! but why do I have a feeling that there is something more to it , i mean if Daphne Jumped off the bridge, then why did I find her necklace in my room? I sighed in frustration

Daphne! Please show yourself. I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes and Just then , the door to my bathroom opened and Kamara walked into the room…….

Who the hell is Daphne? She asked with an arched eyebrow and I bit my lips

what were you doing in my bathroom? I asked with a frown and she huffed

Are you trying to ignore my question! Who is Daphne! Why were you telling her to show herself! Is she the one you do talk to! She asked in a rush and I scoffed

Did you come here to spy on me ?

No, and why will I do that! She retorted, My toilet is faulty so I made use of yours. She explained

Oh! But don’t ever come into my room without my permission. I warned and she rolled her eyes….

Whatever. She muttered softly and walked out of the room…..

Crazy kid!

Unzipping my bag , I brought out my phone and connected it to its charger…I switched it on and was about to check if I have any voicemail message when Declan call came in

Declan! I grinned and received it on the second ring…..

Hi Sasha! he greeted first, he sounded so calm…

hi Declan! how are you? I asked

I am fine , what about you? are you alright? have you gotten home? he asked rushingly and I smiled …

Yes baby .. erm I mean yes . I stuttered and he chuckled softly

baby! I prefer that . he said and I blushed, I am really sorry about how I reacted , I am really sorry for shouting at you , I was just so confused. he apologised ……

It is nothing….::so how is your mum? is she alright? I asked

She is still sleeping.he answered softly….

Don’t worry , she will be fine. I assured and he sighed


So will you be coming to school tomorrow? I asked hoping he would say yes but his response made my heart sank ……

I don’t think so , I have to make sure mother is alright. …….But don’t worry I will be in school on Thursday. he added and I smiled


Good night Sasha! he bade and ended the call……I smiled ……

I was about to pull off my gown when my phone rang again

I checked the caller , it was an unsaved number
I received it

Hi Sasha! a familiar voice greeted

Oh Cory! how are you? I greeted and she chuckled

How did you know I was the one? She asked

Your voice. I answered softly

Oh! So what is up! Did your mum agree to it? She probed on

Yes. I answered and she squealed in delight

I am so happy Sasha , I can’t wait to sleep over at your place tomorrow…….

I laughed softly, Will Racheal be coming with you? I asked

Hell no! She blurted out and I widened my eyes in surprise…..

But Why! I asked

Because I don’t want her to . She answered dryly and then ended the call

Strange! I thought they were best friends…..

Standing up from the bed , I pulled off my clothes and headed to the bathroom to freshen up……On Returning to the room , I looked around hoping to see Daphne but was disappointed ……..Oh Daphne! Where exactly are you ……….

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Daphne Davies

With a sinking heart, I stared at my mum face as she slept peacefully….I smiled lightly

Mum! I am sorry for hurting you. I apologised and tried to blink back my tears but it was of no use as the tears rolled down my eyes…….

Oh Daphne! What did you do ?

When I heard I jumped into the lagoon because of a lover , I became ashamed of myself so I ran out of the house …I was scared of how Sasha would see me now , will she still like me ?will she still see me as a friend? I sighed in frustration

The door to the room suddenly creaked opened and Declan walked in, he was still holding my picture…..I swallowed hard…. He moved closer and sat down on the bed beside mother ……

Mum! he called softly and then leaned over to peck her …..You really need to stop hurting yourself because of Daphne so she can at least rest in peace wherever she is. he said as tears rolled down his eyes ……..He stayed in the room for some minutes and then he stood up and walked out the room …

Following behind him , he pushed the door to the next room opened and we both walked in, This must be his room! I muttered, I looked around the room and a golden necklace on the reading table caught my attention….I moved closer to the table and leaned over to have a better look, it was the same with mine but his own had a “D” inscription….I smiled

I watched him picked his phone from the drawer beside him ..he scrolled through it and dialled a number….holding his phone to his hear, i heard him call Sasha and I smiled, he was on call with Sasha , he must really like her……..

After ending the call, he tossed it on the bed and my eyes widened in shock when he brought out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from his drawer……What is he trying to do? I thought within and then he  lit it up and began inhaling the smoke ……he kept on inhaling the smoke and when he was done with it , he bend over and pulled out a pot starch from underneath the bed ……I exclaimed in shock , Declan is a not only a smoker , he is a stoner …….Tears rolled down my eyes as I remembered the words of the chubby girl….Yes , she was right  about the fact that I destroyed my own family ….:

My dad died because of me , my mom is sick because of me, Declan is a stoner and it is all because of me ………….:I ruined my own family with my own hands !