Befriending A Ghost – Episode 9


The hours dragged on until the school bell rang, its loud shrill signalling the end of school day ..
Yippee! I exclaimed loudly as I shoved my books into my backpack….

Easy Sasha! Daphne cautioned, or do you want your book to have a tear? She asked , with some miff and I rolled my eyes …….

Why the rush , Are  you going somewhere? Cory asked , she turned back to face me ..

Nope. I answered , popping the p and she furrowed her eyebrow

Then why are you all excited? she continued

Nothing. I lied  and she smirked……

Anyways don’t forget to ask your mum about the sleepover. She reminded and I nodded

I won’t. I promised……Slinging my backpack across my shoulders, I stood up from my seat and walked up to Declan ….

Declan! I called shyly….he looked up at me and  then he smiled lightly…….

I can see you are so eager to hear all about her. he said teasingly and I smiled shyly…he picked up his backpack from the tiled floor and then stood up………

Let us go . he said and we both walked out of the class to the empty classroom upstairs……..

Entering the dusty classroom , I followed behind Declan as he walked over to a bench at the extreme of the class…..he sat on it and gestured me to sit beside him…..I felt my heart beat faster as I sat down beside him ….

But how exactly did you get to know Daphne? he started and I swallowed hard

erm we met erm . I stuttered not knowing what to say and he smiled lightly……

You behave just like her. he said softly and I glanced at Daphne who was standing beside me……

You act the same way, you talk the same way and seeing you always remind me of her . he continued as tears rolled down his eyes………

Declan! I called softly

She was so funny and crazy! I mean what kind of girl sings and dances in front of the mirror .he chuckled softly…

Mirror! I repeated and he nodded

Daphne does that most of the time… he paused to wipe off his tears and then he continued……She is  my twin sister but it was always hard to tell because we look and act differently …..The only thing we had in common was the same blue eyes and the same smile……..

She was my Dad’s favourite and I guessed that was why they both died on the same day. he said and Daphne and I gasped in shock….

Are you trying to say your dad is dead? I asked to be sure and he nodded

What happened? How did he die? I asked in a rush and he bit his lips , I could tell he was getting angry……

he died because of his stupid daughter, he died because of……. he stopped when his phone rang …..he brought it  out of his pocket and received the call…..

hello! he greeted the person on the other end ….What do you mean! What happened to mother?  he asked and jolted up from the bench ….Alright! I will be on my way now. he said and ended the call ….

I became alarmed when he picked up his backpack from his bench and sling it across his shoulder…….I stood up and moved closer to him

What happened? Is anything wrong? I asked in a rush  but he shook his head negatively

Nothing , I just need to be … he tried to say but I cut him off ….

Quit lying Declan! I heard you ask about your mother , what happened to her? I asked and he sighed

My mum had  a seizure and she needs me around her. he explained and I nodded slowly
See you tomorrow. he bade and walked out of the room…….

I shifted my gaze to Daphne and saw her tears ….
Daphne! I called softly and she tried to blink back the tears but it was of no use as the tears kept on rolling down…..

Please Sasha let us go with him . She pleaded and I shook my head negatively, I am an hour late and my mum would be …. I tried to say but she cut in ….

Pleeeeeeaase , I just want to see my mum . She pleaded and I sighed

Fine! I agreed and she smiled lightly …….

Running out of the classroom, I kept on running till I sighted Declan . he was about to walk out of the school gate……

Declan! I called loudly…he stopped and then turned back to face me ….. I steadied myself with my hands on my knees for a moment, panting  ; then ran all the way to him …..

Sasha! he called in surprise, what is wrong? Why are you sweating? Do you want to tell me something? he asked rushingly  and I nodded
What is it? he asked with an arched eyebrow and I inhaled softly before answering

“I want to go with you to your house ”
he scoffed ,

Are you doing this because of what you wanna know? he accused

hell no! I am really worried about you and your mom , I just want to be sure you are both okay . I answered hoping I sounded convincing enough….

But it is already past 5 Sasha , i am sure your family would be worried about you.

Please just let me come with you , I won’t stay long. I pleaded……he stared at me for a while and then sighed

Fine! he agreed …he walked out of the school gate and I followed behind him as we both headed to the taxi station…..

On getting to the taxi station, he flagged down a taxi and we both got in

“Petra estate. he called and the driver nodded before driving off…..The drive to his house was a quiet one as we were both lost in our own individual thoughts…..

I was worried about how my parent would react when I get home….I could have called my mum to give her an excuse but my battery was flat ……
I sighed as my mind drifted off to what Declan said about Daphne, he said their dad died because of her ….

What exactly does he mean? …….

Declan Davies

Sitting in the taxi, I was lost in thought wondering what Sasha real motive was in following me ….It feels so strange! I mean why would she go out of her way just to see a woman she doesn’t know….Is she being  caring or………: I don’t even know what to say! I glanced at the her just in time to see her looking at her wristwatch…..I smirked , it was obvious she was worried about the time but why did she choose to go with me ?

The driver soon stopped in front of my home and I paid him after we both alighted…..I ran to the front door and pushed the door opened…..
Entering the sitting room, I met my mom sleeping peacefully on the sofa ….I bit my lips in anger, her stupid therapist left her all alone , she didn’t even wait for me…..I dipped my hands into my pocket and brought out my phone…I unlocked it and dialled  her number, she picked it on the first ring ….

hello Declan! She greeted first from the other end and I scoffed

Why didn’t you wait for me? Why did you leave my mom all by herself? I asked in a huff

I am sorry Dec, but I told you on the phone that I have other patients to attend to. She explained and I smacked my lips…

But  what exactly happened to her? Why did she faint all of a sudden? I probed on

I don’t really know what happened but when I got to the house I met her in a drunken state…

Drunken! I repeated

Yes Declan, she was staring at Daphne picture and was screaming so loudly before she fainted . She explained and I sighed

The drugs Injected into her will make her sleep for a long time. She added

Will she be alright when she wakes? I asked to be sure

Yes , she will. She answered and I ended the call…….I moved closer to my mum and then bent over to kiss her lightly….

Will she be alright? Sasha asked and I nodded without looking at her ……carrying my mum in a bridal style, I turned to face her

Wait here for me . I instructed her and then climbed up the stairs to my mum room……

Sasha Alfredo

After Declan climbed up the stairs with his mother, I looked around the beautiful sitting room and a big framed picture at the centre of the sitting room caught my attention…..

“It was a picture of Declan and Daphne” I  moved closer to have a better look….

“They looked so cute In their all red outfit and they were both wearing a golden chain”
I smiled lightly

Isn’t the picture cute? a familiar voice asked and without turning to look, I knew it was Daphne……

It is very cute . I answered with a smile

Will my mom be alright? She asked softly and I turned to face her

Yes. I answered and she sighed

Did you see her? I asked ….

Not really , I just caught a glimpse of her. She said with a shrug and I nodded

Actually I am scared , I have a feeling that my mom is sick because of me. She added

And why will you say that? Do you have a proof? I asked trying to reason with her and she pointed to the sofa….I turned to look at the sofa and saw a paper picture….I walked over to the sofa and then picked up the picture…Turning it over , I smiled softly.

“It was a picture of Daphne wearing a white gown…… but wait a minute! I looked at the picture and then at Daphne, she was wearing the same gown as the one in the picture…….

Weird! I muttered softly…..I looked at the bottom of the picture and saw a date ……12-03…… I guess that was the date she took the picture.. erm and that was about three months ago…..I heaved a sigh….

I turned to look at Daphne and was about to say something when I saw Declan climbing down the stairs…..

I threw the picture back on the sofa but it was already late ….:::he scoffed

Is this the reason why you followed me here? he half yelled and I shook my head negatively…Then what are you doing with the picture? he retorted angrily…..

em er I just decided erm to look. I stuttered not knowing what to say and he huffed……

Since you really want to know about her, I will tell you….he moved over to the sofa and then picked up the picture…This girl here destroyed my family. he said pointing to the picture and Daphne gasped in shock…….My mum is sick because of her , my dad got involved in a terrible accident  because of her …

Oh my gawd! I exclaimed softly …..

Everyone was restless when Daphne did not come home that fateful night, and when my dad received a call that her dead body was found, he left the house blinded with rage…….he had an accident on his way and he died on the spot . he yelled but I shook my head negatively

It is not her fault, she was also a victim. I said defending daphne and he laughed bitterly….

Victim! Is that what you think!  How can someone who committed sucide be a victim! he retorted angrily  and I froze……

Suicide! I repeated in shock

Yes, she committed sucide by jumping off the bridge and do you know why?….. she did it all because her college lover broke up with her ..,,.

No it can’t be , it can’t be . I mumbled and turned sideways to look at Daphne but she wasn’t there………

Daphe! I called looking around the house but there was no response…….And with tears rolling down my eyes, I ran out of the sitting room ……….:.