Banking Episode 52


Deji had become worried after trying to reach Nike several times but couldn’t. He had been at the Williams’ some hours ago to inform Mrs. Williams about the situation at hand.

Kola’s mother was surprised by the whole Ife-title story being linked to her cousin, but she respected tradition and needed Nike to be home so they could talk about it. After calling Nike over three hours back and getting the ‘’I’ll be home in twenty’’ response. Twenty minutes was okay, she thought. But it was over three house now and Nike wasn’t home. She became worried, but her son did a good job calming her down.

Deji’s phone came alive. A quick glance at the screen showed, ‘’Amanda.’’

‘’Hi Amanda.’’

‘’Hello Deji,’’ Amanda said from the other end. ‘’i saw the news about the High Chiefs coming to Lagos to look for a particular girls.’’

‘’Oh, that,’’ Deji’s simply said. ‘’it’s not exactly like that.’’

‘’Where are you?’’


‘’So you’re the one looking for the girl?’’

Deji hesitated before responding, ‘’Urmm, kind of.’’

‘’C’mon talk to me. How do you intend to find her? There are a lot of girls in this city.’’

‘’Well, there might be, but there’s only one Nike Akomolede I believe.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’Our new colleague is the girl I’m looking for.’’

‘’You kidding?’’

‘’I’m d–n serious dear.’’

‘’Wow! How dramatic. You should know where to find her…. Her house.’’

‘’She’s not home and her line could not reached.’’

‘’If she’s not home, then Peter Brian is my best bet. She might be with him.’’

Amanda’s suggestion hit Deji like a rock. He hadn’t thought of this. He ended the conversation with
Amanda after telling her he will call her later.
He moved closer to where Mrs Williams and Kola was.

”Where can we find Peter Brian?’’ Deji asked directing the question to no one in particular.