Banking Episode 51


Prior to the day Deji saw Adigun and Nike in the uncompleted building together, Aremu had been telling Deji how he had been suspecting Nike cheating on him. Deji, blinded by love, found the accusations untrue. Albeit he did ask his lover about it which she outrightly denied.

Deji’s stand about the Nike’s unfaithful act changed the second he saw her in the arms of Adigun.

Though Nike was trying to release herself from Adigun’s embrace that fateful day, but it didn’t seem like that from Deji’s angle.

‘’Do you mean she’s been innocent all this time?’’ Deji said in disbelief.

“Yes’’ Aremu simply said.

Today has been filled with surprises. He had been wrong about Nike all this time. He knew her mother’s dislike for Nike was always blatant, but was she capable of that kind of hatred?

D–n! He had underestimated the extreme his mother could go to achieve her goals.

’I’m sorry, Deji. I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me again.’’ Aremu said quietly with his head low.

Deji shook his head. ‘’No. it’s fine. You only acted on behalf of my mother, I won’t crucify you for that.’’

‘’No, Deji. It’s not fine. I’ve betrayed your trust in me. I don’t deserve to be around you.’’

‘’I do trust you, Aremu. We were both young and immature then. Mother had played on our intelligence.’’

Deji said as calmly as he could before his phone rang. It was Mrs Williams. She informed him of her arrival. He rose and before he could utter another word, Aremu had also stood up to embrace him.

‘’Thank you.’’ He said sobbing.

‘’C’mon man, don’t make me cry. It’s okay.’’ He said before Aremu released him. ‘’Let’s go to the Williams. Guess I have another reason to see Nike. I have serious apologizing to do.’’