Banking Episode 48


Integrity was a real deal to Nike. If peter could not be honest with a money that was wrongly credited to his account, he could not be honest with her. She thought. Peter would have been a perfect tool for her to forget about Deji. She really did need Peter, but now with this integrity issue, she was confused.

“Are you not going to say something” Peter said calmly as his visitor haven’t spoken since his last comment. Her face was downcast. Shortly, Peter’s phone ringtone

“Hotline Bling” came alive. He glanced at the screen that display ‘Walexy”.

“Please excuse me. i need to take this,” he said to Nike. He walked towards his room and shut the door behind him. Wale couldn’t have called at a better time. He thought.

“Padi, how far?” he said.

“i dey, where are you?” Wale asked at the other end.


‘’Have you seen the news?’’

‘’News? No. The TV has been on MTV Base since Nike arrived. What’s happening with the news?”

Wale went on to inform him about the breaking news. It happened the news of the Ife Chiefs being on their way to meet a certain young lady was no longer limited to those that were present when ifarotimi made the announcement.

A TV station had reported that the Ife High Chiefs were heading to Lagos to meet a lady, whom if married, her husband was going to be the next Ooni of Ife. But if she was single, would need to get married as quick as possible as the Ooni’s seat couldn’t be left vacant for a longer time.

The report had hit Wale as he instantly recalled his best friend’s story was similar to the breaking news.

“Where is Nike from?” Wale asked his friend who was shocked by the latest news.

“I’m not sure about her state of origin, but i know she grew up in ife”.

“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

“Of course bro. Baba was right. You know what? Let me call you back. She’s still here right now.” Peter said and ended the conversation before Wale could say anything else.