Banking Episode 47


The CNN news did nothing to stop Peter from heading to Bahia in Brazil to experience the exotic beach and of course, the ladies. Although the Hargreaves’ suicide news was doleful, but Peter believed he had the ability to switch off his
humanity which in turn places his emotional mode on hold.

Right here, right now, he was sitting opposite Nike, which winning her heart was the major reason he quit his former job. He guessed the pace she was winning his heart was way faster than how he intended to win hers.

He thought her next response would determine a lot. Unluckily for wale’s best friend, Royal Bank put a lot into training its new employee. Situations like this was one of the training topics at the training school Nike had attended.

On no account should a customer’s cash deposit be credited into a wrong account number. When this
situation arises, the staff involved has only one option; this is to inform the customer which was wrongly credited, plead with him/her to authorize the staff to debit his/her account with that same amount. Where the customer refuses, the staff is expected to repay the customer of the original deposit and leave the customer which was wrongly credited alone.

Royal Bank believed that was the price the staff will have to pay for negligence. Only few customers will authorize the bank staff to debit their accounts on these occasions. Most of them will come up with the excuse that they were expecting that same amount from someone somewhere. The same line Peter had just used for Nike.