Banking Episode 25


As a result of this, Amanda’s error of crediting a customer’s account with four hundred and fifty thousand naira in the stead of forty-five thousand naira was going to cost her salary for few months.
Several attempts to get in touch with the customer in which account was over credited proved abortive. Deji and his team could only restrict withdrawals from the accounts if eventually funds enter into it.

The deficit was going to be deducted from Amanda’s stipend on a monthly basis till the whole money was fully recovered. The banker’s nightmare.

As Deji shut down his computer and was ready to leave the banking hall, a voice came from behind.

‘’Deji, hold up!’’

Turning around he saw Doyin walking towards him. Doyin was one of the marketers in the branch.

‘’Doyin,’’ He said with a radiant smile which was hardly seen on the face of someone who have been stressed out during the day.

‘’Deji. What’s up?’’

‘’Paid my dues for the day. I’m surprised you’re still around.’’

‘’Yea. I’ve been busy with our newest addition.’’

‘’Oh. I see.’’ Deji merely muttered.

Nike came down from the stairs just in time. She was dressed in a black suit that had a white camisole under it. Her shaped was well noticed in the short tight black skirt. She must have been informed about the bank’s dress code as her skirt almost touched her knees.

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Immediately she noticed Deji’s presence her countenance changed. Without being told, Doyin could tell the two weren’t seeing each other for the first time. The look on their faces was so intense that she became instantly suspicious.

‘’Hello Deji,’’ Nike said, breaking the awkward silence.

Deji seemed to be in trance the second time that day. How much effect does Nike’s presence have on him? D–n! She looked even more attractive in a corporate outfit. How was he going to cope? Of all the branches of Royal Bank, why this? He thought.

‘Hi Nike” he managed to utter.

“How in the world did you guys know each other?’’ Doyin asked amazingly They both stare at each other again and smiled.

‘’Ife’’ Nike answered.

‘’How? When? …..’’ Doyin asked again impatiently looking from Nike to Deji and back to Nike. But was cut off by Deji.

‘’Well, she can give you more details about it.’’ Deji said sharing a glance between the two ladies. ‘’I’ll see you ladies tomorrow at the meeting. You’re welcome to our branch Miss Akomolede.’’

“Thanks.’’ Said Nike.

Deji excused himself after giving the duo a weak smile. His valet was already waiting at the car park. While driving home Aremu asked, stealing a quick glance at the rearview mirror,

‘’I’m sure you’re already working your transfer to another branch?’’

‘’And why would I do that?’’

‘’Stop pretending like you don’t know what im talking about. Her presence makes you misbehave. You and I know something has to be done about that.

‘’I got it under control.’’

‘’I don’t believe you. The last time I checked, she drove you into getting drunk at the house party.’’

‘’Na u sabi. Please just drive without talking. I need my peace.’’

‘’Okay. Later things.’’