Banking Episode 26


As weeks went by Deji had to cope with working in the same building with his ex-lover. Since they weren’t working directly with each other, avoiding any means to interact wasn’t so hard to achieve. Nike, as a marketer, spent most her official hours outside the office. Slot Systems was her target at the moment. She was going to make a name for herself if the deal finally pull through.

Bringing Slot’s account to the bank was a feat several other senior marketing managers could not achieve, not even her Regional Head. Nike could get promoted in a matter of months as the appraisal period was nearby.

As she was getting closer to securing the SLOT’s account, Peter was inching closer to securing her heart. This could be a win-win situation for both parties, as Peter thought.

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Being the Manager and a trusted brother to the CEO of the company, Wale’s ability to influence the company’s decision to move one of his accounts to Royal Bank could not be over-emphasized. So when the decision was finally made to move a major account of the organisation to Nike’s bank in the following month, Peter wasn’t surprised. He was full of praises to his best friend. After all Wale was one of the major reasons he had to quit internet scamming.

Nike had no better choice that to accept going out on a date with Peter Brian after he broke the good news to her. After all she didn’t see anything bad in dating the young handsome man. Not getting over Deji after all these years didn’t make sense to her now. He has someone who he was going to propose to sooner or later for the love of Mike

Dating each other is now a taboo since they now work in the same organisation. Even though their eyes met severally during the branch meeting last week, they still didn’t interact after the meeting dissolved. She knew moving on was the best thing to do.