Banking Episode 19


Whenever Deji needed some air when he was at the Williams, he would go to the cabin behind the garden. Same spot Aremu found him after he got wasted the previous night. Guests barely come over there. Deji felt it was a perfect get-away at a get-away occasion.

He sat on the grass resting his back on the wall. The air was fresh. He loved the atmosphere, the kind he was used to back then in the Palace. He would play hide-and-seek in the Palace’s garden with some of the chiefs’ children and even Aremu. How he loved garden! Ireti knows where to find her son whenever he was not in the palace at night. The young prince would sit on the well cut grass in the garden, while one of the King’s entourage praises him in his lineage. A privilege the Ooni gave him.

He remembered how he would sneak Nike into the palace without his parent knowing. His father wouldn’t have cared, but his mother was ‘all about Royals’.

‘’The royals roll with the royals’’ was her favourite quote. Deji wondered who first used the quote or his possessive mother was the originator. His mother had never liked Nike. Nike.

It took all his restraining powers not to kiss her as he raised her out of the pool. He found her more attractive than ever, and in spite of everything she made his heart race. No matter how desperately he attempted to deny it, the need to be with her was still there.