Banking Episode 20


Suddenly he became aware of heavy footsteps approaching him. He tilted his head a little bit as the footsteps got closer and stopped, his eyes met with the very person occupying his thoughts— Nike. They both stare at each other for a moment before he stood to his feet.

‘’Looking for me?’’ He asked jokingly.

‘’Yeah. I figured I haven’t thanked you for pulling me out of the water. I saw you walked down the garden from the balcony over there, I decided to come and see you.’’ Nike declared tilting her head towards one of the hall balconies.

‘’You know you don’t have to’’ He said with his hand buried in his pockets. Trying to be calm. Funny how this lady’s presence still makes his pulse quickens after all these years.

‘’Actually, I do. You could have stayed back and watch me drown, but you didn’t. Did that mean you still care about me?’’ Her eyes were searching.

‘’Please don’t ask me that’’

‘’Yeah. Right. But thanks once again for today.’’ She simply said and turn to leave.

‘’Nike, I just….’’ Deji broke off and reached for her arms, drawing her close to face him.

His stare penetrated her and she looked down. She remembered the last time she was this close to him was ten years ago. His scent wastormenting her. She was in a dark and isolated spot with Deji Adelowo. Her first love.

Suddenly his mouth came down on hers. She welcomed him with an eagerness that marched his own. They kissed with desperate hunger, as if all that time had never passed. As if this were their last chance to ever kiss again. It felt so wrong. No. It felt so right. It was reckless, crazy and dangerous. Yet, it felt like heaven.

She arched against him as one hand encircled her Bosom, fully cupping her, squeezing her. Desire coursed through her veins like a living thing. Instinctively she knew where this was leading and she was making no effort to stop it.

This was going to happen. It seemed as if he had a hundred hands, for now one hand was sliding up her inner thigh, but her gown was causing an obstruction. He located the zipper at the back and pulled it down. He was undressing her and she was doing absolutely nothing about it. She didn’t want him to stop. She didn’t care what they were doing. She wanted this to continue through to the end and savour every moment of it. Oh my, it felt so good.

To be continued…