Banking Episode 10


Lagos, 2016

A sharp rap on the door half-awoke Deji in his hotel room. It was a single hotel room with a king-sized
bed, a sofa and a coffee table. A Samsung television set hung on the wall. Beside the bed was the closet.
The hotel room also had a private bathroom.

He opened his eyes slightly. His head was pounding, his throat was dry and he was feeling drowsy. He raised his head, surveyed the room and then fell back to his pillow. He grunted and closed his eyes.

Another rap came on the door, this time louder. A voice followed,


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It was his mother’s voice. With that, he sat up quickly on the edge of the bed. He poured himself a glass of cold
water which was on the coffee table.

‘’Please hold on, mom.’’ He grumbled.
He washed his face in the bathroom hurriedly, before coming back to turn the key on the door knob.

‘’What have come of you, Deji?’’ Ireti snapped as she walked into his room. She didn’t wait for him to invite
her in. She wasn’t a vampire.

‘’You arrived late last night. Like that wasn’t horrible enough, you missed breakfast this morning.‘’ her eyes flashing with obvious displeasure.

‘’I kind of over-slept.’’ He simply said.
His mother raised an eyebrow and continued,

‘’of course you did. I don’t like the way you’re treating Theresa. She was at the breakfast table with her uncle. She was getting a lot of stares. You need to get serious with her soon, or you might lose her to another man. A girl like that won’t wait around for you forever.’’