Balcony Boy Episode 16


We hired a Citroen Grand C4 Picasso for the 10 days so Jake and me are in the two seats at the back. As soon as I open the car door I’m greeted with a blast of hot air, but thankfully my dad has the air con on full blast.

“Ow.” I drop the seat belt immediately as the hot material touches my hand. Jake laughs at me as he fastens his own seatbelt.

“How are you touching that?” +

“I’m invincible.”

I just shake my head, laughing. He leans across me to grab my seatbelt and I froze. His head is right next to mine, his knee is against my thigh, and his arm is all the way across my body.

He pulls the seatbelt across me, slowly, and buckles it in, smirking. His eyes linger on my lips before he sits back in his seat and I let out a shaky breath.

I really want him to kiss me.

We set off on the hour journey to Magaluf, the radio playing and the windows open. My nana won’t stop complaining about the wind ruining her hair and Jake won’t quit singing along to the radio. Badly.

“Would you shut up?”

“Let him be, Amber.” My mum scolds from the front seat.

“Easy for you to say, you’re not sat right next to it.”

She just laughs and Jake sings even louder, my nana and grandad join in when Sweet Caroline comes on.

“Come on Bloom, join in.” Jake urges beside me.

I simply cross my arms over my chest and turn towards the window. I can see his smirk slightly reflected by the glass. He jabs me in the hip, still singing at the top of his lungs and I squeal.

He leaves me alone for the rest of the song, but when the chorus kicks in again, I can’t help it.

I sang along.

Jake and me share a smile as everyone in the car begins to belt out the lyrics.

“DUN DUN DUUUUUN.” We all shout it at the same time and Jake and me immediately collapse into laughter.

We sang all the way to the end and the silence after stands in sharp contrast to the six voices before it.

“I spy with my little eye…” Jake starts, breaking the silence.

“Oh God no.” I mutter.

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“Something beginning with…W.”

“Windmill.” I say.

He turns to me sharply, “How’d you get it that quick?”

“We just passed one.”

He huffs, indignantly. “Your turn, then.”

I smile slightly at his annoyance. “Something beginning with B and then P.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s two words; first begins with B and second with P.”

He thinks for so long I almost think he’s stopped playing. “I need a clue.”

“It’s in the car.”

He thinks again, looking around the car, to see if he can find it. “I give up. I have no idea.” He puts his hands in the air.

I smirk and lean forward, “Dad!”

“Yes, love?”

“Eye spy – Something beginning with B then P.”

My dad only thinks for a short moment, “Brake pedal.”

I sit back and look at Jake, “There you go.”

He sits, mouth open. “You’re joking. That’s stupid, you can’t even see it.”

“You’re just annoyed that you’re rubbish at I Spy.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realise I was playing with professionals.”

I laugh as he sits pouting. “You’re such a sore loser, you know that?”

He just angles his body towards the window, away from me.

“Jake. Jake. Hey, Jake. Jake Fletcher. Jakey wakey.” I say, smiling and nudging him slightly.

I smack him harder and he turns to me, smiling. “I’m trying to be mad at you, stop being adorable.”

I blush and he laughs at me. “Idiot.” I retort.