Baby And Me Episode 35


Jude Howard♡♡♡

One week later…..

My father was still in the country and we were having a great time getting to know each other. We had a lot in common, including being down in the dumps and having the worst kind of childhoods, well mine was great up until when my adoptive parents died then it was downhill but my father didnt resort to crime like I did, I’m not proud of what I did but it did get me to where I was and I was pretty happy with where I was

Yoona was still quiet, well I didnt exactly see her again after that day she gave me a cold shoulder at the restuarant, I hadnt told my father about her just yet, I wasnt sure if I was ready to let her go altogether

. My father was planning to go back to the States in two days so we went out for a nice dinner at one of the fancy specialty restuarants in Gangnam

Dad “I cant tell you how happy I am that I came here”

Me “you cant be happier than me though, I’d love to meet my little sister”

Dad “then come home with me” I looked at him “son, I just found you and I dont want to let you go, why dont you come back to New York with me? I can set you up with an IT company and you do what you’re good at with your family by your side”

Me “But Dad, I have a life here and I’m happy with it”

Dad “Jude, do you really want your daughter to grow up in the foreign country, only to realise that she doesnt belong here nor does she fit in? Do you not want her to grow up with her own people, with her family? Son, I know you say your life in the States is over but that was then, now you have things to live for, a family to go back to and to be honest Jude, I want you to come home and be by my side….to carry forward the Gheller legacy” I looked at him unable to find my voice, I had so much to think about, on the one hand my father was right but I still had loose ends here too

Me “I have at least think about it”

Dad “okay, I would really like it if we leave together, I can even wait for you to wrap up your affairs here”

Me “you’d do that?”

Dad “I found you, I cant let you go” I smiled, meeting my father and everything he told me about his life and family, I suddenly saw a reason why I could go back to New York, my family and Reign growing up like any normal child, with a loving family with a grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and the works! I wanted that for my child, even if she didnt have a mom but at least she would have a family

Me “I need some time to think” and by that, I mean I needed some time to see Yoona and talk to her because honestly, she was that only thing keeping me in Seoul and if we really didnt have a future then I’d leave for good and go get over her back in New York, thousands of miles away

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

Aside from missing Jude Howard like crazy and finding it harder with everyday that passed to tell him about the baby, my life was going great. I had a relationship with my father again and I was s*** scared to tell him about the baby, falling pregnant outside of wedlock is not exactly something Asians pride themselves on, no matter how old you are, how independant you are…having a child without being married is shameful…especially for me! Being the only child of Chairman Seo, I was in the spotlight, there were already pictures of my father and I reconciling in the Gangnam tabloids, imagine if I were to now appear with a baby bump and no husband! Horror I tell you! Horror!!!

I woke up late in the afternoon, I was going to work the night shift so I slept through the entire day. I dragged my feet to the bathroom where I peed then brushed my teeth. I walked to the kitchen, passing Kang Yoo Ran in the lounge

Yoo Ran “and finally she wakes up” I ignored her and opened the fridge, taking out some yoghurt then sitting down to eat “even today? Are you still not going to tell Blair about the baby?”

Me “I cant get a hold of him on the phone”

Yoo Ran “so? You know where he lives”

Me “not today Kang Yoo Ran please”

Yoo Ran “you cant put this off forever…you cant exactly hide a baby”

Me “What if he has moved on?”

Yoo Ran “what?”

Me “what if I get there and he has already moved on? I mean he stopped calling me and I havent seen him in weeks, what if I get there and he slams the door in my face?” She laughed “why are you laughing?”

Yoo Ran “because I have never seen you scared of anything, Yoona, you’re beautiful and always so strong and in control…you really love mr Blair dont you?”

Me “yes! And I want to share this with him, I am terrified! What if he doesnt want me or the baby?”

Yoo Ran “honey…how will you know if you dont talk to him? Ya, I bet mr Blair is just at his house right now, thinking about you and missing you, I bet he will die from happiness when he sees you and finds out you’re carrying his baby, he will marry you immediately” I chuckled

Me “well now that I think about it, being married to Blair Taylor wouldnt be such a bad thing ”

Yoo Ran “of course it wouldnt!! Just go there and tell him everything!” I smiled and nodded

Me “I’ll go tomorrow then” she hugged me

Yoo Ran “good girl ”

I worked my night shift at the hospital without any hassles, there were no major events that happened so it was convenient for me to take little breaks in between, sleep and eat because I was going on 10 weeks…the craving were getting more intense and so did the morning sickness…..

Around 6am when my shift ended, I went back to my office and curled myself up on the sofa then slept like a baby. I woke up around 12 in the afternoon, feeling refreshed and with a boost of confidence, I was ready to go and tell Blair Taylor about the baby and how much I love him. I went to freshen up in the changing rooms to change out of my scrubs and into my normal clothes. On my way out I bumped into Young Do sunbae

Sunbae “Yoona, annyeo”

Me “annyeo sunbae ”

Sunbae “already on your way out?”

Me “oh yes, isnt today your day off?”

Sunbae “mm, I came to get some patient files, I have an outpatient” he showed me the files he was carrying

Me “so typical, you’re working even on your day off”

Sunbae “look who’s talking!”

Me “you know this hospital would collapse without me” he laughed

Sunbae “aaahhh”

Me “well I should get going”

Sunbae “would you like me to give you a lift?”

Me “I’d like that” I really didnt feel like walking to the bus station then standing in a bus full of people, it was time I bought my own car seriously!

Sunbae dropped me off at home, I made a light snack and ate then took a shower, changed my clothes and I was ready to go see Jude Howard. I was on my way out when I got a call from Yoo Ran

Me “ai what now? I was just leaving”

Yoo Ran “you have to come here fast!”

Me “why?”

Yoo Ran “its your father, he had a heart attack!” My heart leaped up to my throat

Yoo Ran “get here fast Seo Yoona!”

Me “okay okay, I’m on my way” I dropped the call and ran out into the street, there was no time to wait for the bus so I took a taxi and told the guy to drive like a mad man to Gangnam Hospital!

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♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

A day passed since my dad asked me to go back to New York with him, he was still at the house waiting for me to make my decision. There was only one thing keeping me in Korea and that was Yoona so I decided to go see her, to tell her everything and also admit to her that she was the only reason keeping me in Gangnam.

One afternoon, I left Reignie with my dad because he was so good at taking care of her and went to the hospital where she works because I still had no idea where she lived. I was still in the parking lot when I saw her leaving the hospital with that Choi Young Do guy, they were talking and laughing, he opened the door for her and she slipped right in, he pulled out into the driveway and I coul still see her smiling. In that moment, it was confirmed for me, Yoona had moved on and clearly with her sunbae. Yoona never let anyone get that close to her, she was always so closed off to people so it was obvious that their relationship was more than just colleagues, my heart shattered into pieces. What had I been thinking anyway? That the Korean chaebol would fall for me? The American con-artist? Yoona went back to her own kind and perhaps it was time I did the same.

I went back and told my dad that my mind was made up, I’d be going back to the States with him, he was over the moon thrilled

Dad “I have to leave tomorrow though son”

Me “tomorrow? Why so soon?”

Dad “there has been a major problem with this big movie we’re producing so I have to go over and smooth things over”

Me “oh”

Dad “why dont you come with me?”

Me “not so fast dad, I still have to speak with JinHo Hyung, I cant just leave him hanging, what about the house? There’s so much to do”

Dad “you’re not packing up just yet son, you’re just going to meet the family, your sister and see how life back in the States will be, re-acquaint yourself” I smiled

Me “mm okay, I like that…I can do that

Dad “really?”

Me “of course, there’s nothing keeping me here anymore”

Dad “shall we go out and celebrate then?”

Me “sure ” I smiled faintly

I was really going to leave, Yoona obviously never loved me the way that I loved her, it was not going to happen for us, I guess Leila was here to show me that she and I had no future, her father didnt like the fact that she was dating outside her race anyway so now that they were getting along again, she must have listened to him about finding a nice Korean boy who came from a good family and not some American orphaned boy who was in their country under a false name

To be continued…