Baby And Me Episode 24


Jude Howard♡♡♡

When I woke up the next day, Yoona wasnt in bed and I knew she would have already taken Reign. I got out of bed and dragged my feet to the kitchen but stopped at a halt when I heard her speaking to Leila….I smiled to myself as I listened to them talk, Leila was obviously getting pissed because Yoona is like the most calm and cold person in the world when she wants to be. My baby never gets herself worked up over anything, I mean the girl was able to keep a straight face with her father when she was obviously still hurting and angry with him but she showed no emotion so what was Leila? She was basically child’s play

Leila turned angrily and walked up the stairs, that was my cue to enter the kitchen

Me “morning” she looked up and smiled

Yoona “oppa!” She had this bright smile on her face and it made her look so adorable

Me “oppa?”

Yoona “mm, I think its time I started calling you that dont you that?”

Me “hahaha okay baby, thats fine by me” I walked over to her and laid a deep long kiss on her, Reign was clapping happily

Me “she really loves this”

Yoona “yep, oh chum! Breakfast is almost ready and Unfortunately I cant eat with you”I frowned

Me “why? Is it Leila?” She chuckled

Yoona “oh please, that little hussy doesnt intimidate me” I laughed at the ‘hussy’ part

Me “okay baby” I helped her set the table

Yoona “arent you going into work today?”

Me “ah no, with all these people, I cant leave my house and Mrs Park….”

Yoona “aahh makes sense, take them out…your boys”

Me “really?”

Yoona “mm…show them around and just have fun”

Me “what about Reignie?”

Yoona”go drop her off at ahjumma Park’s place” I smiled

Me “you’re so smart” she beamed up at me and I couldnt resist the urge to kiss her

After she was done setting the table, she decked the table with all the breakfast goodies and my stomach roared

Yoona “breakfast is served! Im going to take a shower” she kissed me on the cheek, Reign cried after her as she walked away so she had to come back and take her then walk back upstairs to her room

I sat down and started eating, Jason was the first to come down and join in

Jay “morning!”

Me “hey man, sleep okay?”

Jay “in that comfy bed? Always”

Me “good”

Jay “where is Yoona?”

Me “taking a shower, she has to go to work”

Jay “oh, what does she do again?”

Me “she’s a neuro surgeon”

Jay “nice! Pretty and educated, I like”

Me “since when?”

Jay “last night I may have seen that she’s actually a cool chick”

Me “oh? Does that mean you’ll back off with the Leila bull?”

Jay “of course! If your girl keeps feeding me like this, how can I be against her” I chuckled

Me “she’s a really good cook huh?”

Jay “of course plus she is so cool, you wouldnt think her dad is like the Richest man in his country…your girl is a billionare”

Me “was a billionare, she wants nothing to do with her dad, even his money”

Jay “why?”

Me “its a long story”

Jay “cool but you know….about Leila man” I put my chopsticks down and let out an irritated sigh

Me “jeez man, can we just get through one day, just one day with out the Leila conversation”

Jay “okay but Jude listen, you know better than anyone how badly it sucks to grow up not knowing your parents, do you really want the same thing for your kid?”

Me “she has me”

Jay “what about her mom? What will you say when she’s all grown up and finds out you kept her from her mother, she will resent you…is that what you want?”

Me “of course not”

Jay “I dont condone Leila’s actions, I know she hurt you and she abandoned Reign but the baby doesnt care about that, when she’s all grown up all she will care about is you keeping her mom away because of your own selfish reasons. You dont want Leila and thats fine but Reign needs her mother” Jason was right and I hated that he was right, it sucked like hell not knowing my parents and I didnt want that for her, Leila is her mom and I could never change no matter how badly I wanted to and every kid deserves to have both their parents in their lives

Jay “you know I’m right”

Me “yeah yeah” we both laughed

After a while Chase came downstairs too and he was loud as always

Chase “mm this looks good! The chaebol sure knows how to feed her guests”

Me “she has a name!”

Chase “oohh how touchy! Where is she anyway?”

Me “in her room”

Chase “aaahh still has her own room huh? How long have you guys been dating?”

Me “just eat your breakfast and shut up”

Chase “how did you even meet her? She seems more my type than yours”

Jay “hahaha thats true, Jude is more of a softie and Yoona seems hard core” I chuckled, they were right about that but I knew Yoona and she was as big a softie as me underneath all that hard core

Me “I guess opposites attract dont they?”

Chase “is it?”

Me “ya…just eat your food”

Chase “what are we doing today?”

Me “anything you want! I’m taking you boys out….lets go spend some money!”

Chase “yes! This is why I like you!”

Jay “you should have been a rich mother****er a long time ago! this life is good!” I laughed at these two idiots I called friends, even though they sprung a surprise visit on me, I was happy they came because I had missed them a lot.

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After breakfast, Yoona was already done preparing for work, Jay and I cleaned up the kitchen while she had a bowl of fruit salad then she kissed me goodbye and left. I went to bath Reign, dressed her up then put her in my room while I went to shower. I was done with my shower and dressed up in a pair of washed out faded ripped jeans and before I could put on my shirt, I got a text and looked it up. While reading the text, I felt someone walk up behind me and put their hands on my bare naked back. Since Yoona had already left for work, I knew it was Leila

Me “you should really learn how to knock before you enter people’s rooms” she moved her hands to my chest and planted a kiss on my back

Leila “why? You’re not people….and I definitely wont be seeing you naked for the first time” I turned to face her, removing her hands from my body, she had on this seductive look “you’ve been working out ”

Me “yes, Yoona keeps in shape so I started because I want to look good for her” her smile faded

Leila “did you have to mention that Korean b****’s name” I grabbed her throat without even noticing what I was doing

Leila “Jude….” fear crept up in her blue eyes

Me “dont you ever talk about her like that again, you hear me? Or I will snap your little neck in half” she quickly nodded and I let her go, she coughed violently “get out” she didnt say a word and just ran out. I looked at my hands, unable to comprehend with what they had just done, I had vowed I would never lay my hand on a woman but the minute Leila said something bad about Yoona, my first reflex was to hurt her and I couldnt understand why

To be continued…