Baby And Me Episode 23


Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I woke up the next morning feeling good, no scratch that, I felt awesome!! Last night was amazing and long overdue! I had been dying for Blair to make the first move but he was taking too long! 3 months under the same roof with an amazing guy like Blair Taylor or Jude Howard, I was bound to end up feeling something and I knew he felt the same way too but damn! He was f****** slow! This gentleman thing of his can be so annoying sometimes .

Anyway I stretched happily and got of out bed, I went to find one of his t-shirts and wore the one I liked best, I slipped my feet into his big slippers because all my stuff was upstairs. Though he was already awake and I knew that he would have taken Brec, I went to check in her room anyway. She was still in bed, wide awake and minding her own business. Her face lit up when she saw me, she smiled and lifted up her arms

Me “aahhh mommy’s little angel is awake! Hello my little Reignie…morning baby!” I picked her up and covered her in kisses while she giggled, hiding herself in my hair. I went to change her nappy

Me “I love you so much, its like I’m the one who gave birth to you. I love being your mom and I hope that I will be around long enough to see you grow up into a beautiful young lady and just between us girls…I hope your daddy has the intentions to keep me around because God knows how much I want to be with you Americans, you waltzed into my life and created a permanent space in this ice queen’s frozen heart. I love you”

I picked her up and kissed her “lets go see what your daddy is up to” we walked out of her room to the lounge and I stopped to a halt when I saw Blair standing with so many unfamiliar faces and some woman holding on to him like her life depended on it.

Brec made excited baby sounds as soon as she saw her father, they all turned to face us including the woman clinging on to Blair, she detached herself from him. I looked at Blair in confusion but he had this blank expression on his face

Me “Blair Taylor? Kinchana?” I decided to ask him in Korean, he shook himself out of where ever he was and looked at me

Blair “oh Yoona…!” He walked towards me and took Brec from me, I searched his face to see if he was okay “ah yeah…kinchana” I looked back at these people and they just stared at us

Me “who….?” I asked him still speaking Korean

Guy1 “Oh! We had no idea you have a visitor uh….Blair….oh morning miss! I’m Chase, his friend” he came to shake my hand, I just stared at him with a blank face. Blair didnt tell me he was going to have visitors but judging by his face, he didnt know they were coming either “do you understand English? I…am…Blair’s friend……friend” I still gave him a blank face, hating that he was in my face like that and speaking to me like some uneducated street hoodrat

Woman “is that her?” She asked in a shaky voice, she slowly walked towards us and the other guy was just standing there. The woman tried to reach out to Brec but she refused, Blair took a step back from her

Blair “Yoona, can I talk to you for a second?” I nodded, he grabbed my arm and pulled me outside to the pool are “look uh…there is something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now, I dont know how you will take it but I hope it doesnt ruin things between us….” I knew what he wanted to tell me, he opened his mouth but struggled to find the words, I could see that it was hard for him and he was scared I’d leave

Me “its okay Jude Howard…” his expression changed to shock mixed with confusion

Jude “wha….how did you….you know my….” I chuckled

Me “mm, I’m sorry but my father did an intensive background check on you and found out that you faked your death and changed your identity then came here, I’ve known for the past two months and I’m sorry I didnt say anything” he was still dumbstruck, poor guy had too many bombs being dropped on him in one morning “its okay Blair Taylor or Jude Howard, I know that you have a past and it doesnt matter to me what it is…I still want to stay”

Jude “really?” I nodded then stood on my toes and kissed him, Brec clapped happily and we both chuckled

Me “she likes it”

Jude “of course she does! We had sleepless nights talking about this” I laughed

Me “really? Cos we did too” he laughed too

Jude “we burdened our daughter with our love issues instead of just talking to each other”

Me “she is a really good listener though”

Jude “I dont dispute that” we laughed again and Reign joined in

Me “but uh…those people in there?”

Jude “uh” he scratched his head “my American friends, Chase and Jason, they just sprung a surprise visit on me….I still dont know why they brough Leila”

Me “Leila…?”

Jude “Reign’s birth mother” I felt a twist in my heart

Me “birth mother? What is she doing here?”

Jude “I dont know but I intend to find out”

Me “Jude…..” he looked at me, I was scared…what if I would lose Reign and him? What were his friends doing here anyway and why would they bring her?

Jude “its okay, I promise I will fix this okay?” I nodded and he smiled “say it again?”

Me “what?”

Jude “my name”

Me “mm Blair Taylor ”

Jude “no!”

Me “mm then, Jude Howard?” He smiled

Jude “yes…but remember you cant call me that when there’s other people around”

Me “okay” he kissed my forehead and gave me Brec then we walked back to the lounge “I need to get ready for work”

Jude “okay”

Me “the baby?”

Jude “its okay ” I smiled at him then gave a bow to his friend and walked upstairs to my room

To be continued