Baby And Me Episode 12


Leila “doesnt everyone?” Her eyes were now smiling seductively, she walked towards me and put her arms on me “come on Jude, remember all the good times we shared? The struggles we went through together, how good I used to make you feel” she ran her long finger on my face then placed it on my lips “I can still make you feel that way, we can have the future you always talked about, me, you and our baby girl…we can be a family….come on, give it a chance, give us a chance again…we can make this work, I promise” she stood on her toes and put her lips on mine, I held her shoulders and pushed her back. Her eyes moved from mine and looked at the door then she smiled, I turned to face the door and Yoona was standing there……

I knew that with his friends there, Blair Taylor and I wouldnt be able to have the privacy we needed to establish what we just started, I knew I’d be coming home to a full house. The minute I walked through the door, thats Chase belittled me from the word go, talking to me like I was some uneducated freak. I ignored him and let him carry on thinking I couldnt speak English or understand it, instead I went to check in Jude’s room but when he wasnt there, I went straight to Reign’s room and thats where I found that Leila chick kissing him

She smiled as soon as she saw me, I dont know if she thought that would rattle me or something. Jude was shocked and I saw a little guilt displayed on his face, I smiled walked over to him, I pulled him away from Leila and gave him a real deep kissing, tongue and all then broke it, I looked at Leila

Me “and thats how its done” I said to her, she sneered and walked out

Jude “wow! What was that?”

Me “I saw what happened, you dont have to worry” he pulled me by my waist and kissed me

Jude *korean* “whaaa…my girlfriend is truly amazing”

Me “girlfriend? I like it ”

Jude “really?”

Me “mm…uh, she sleeping?”

Jude “yeah”

Me “I’m hungry, shall I make dinner?”

Jude “arent you tired?”

Me “I had two hours of sleep at the hospital, I’m okay”

Jude “alright! My friends would love a traditional Korean meal”

Me “I’m sure they would” I lifted my chin up and he kissed me.

I changed out my clothes and wore his sweater and my sweat pants. I went back out to the guys and started on supper while they watched tv, Blair seemed to be enjoying himself around his friends even though the whole situation was a little tense but it was good for him to be around his people. The pots were already boiling on the stove when Brec woke up screaming her lungs out

Jude “aaahhh there she goes”

Me “I’ll get her” his friends turned to look at me

Chase “uh! You can speak English?! Then why have you been pretending you couldnt?!”

Me “I never did that, I wont be held accountable for your dumb stereotypical chauvinist racist opinions” I walked to Reigns room and she was already up on her feet

Me “must you always wake up like that?” I went to take her and wiped her tears “its okay, you’re not alone…mommy is here” I kissed her and she laid on my chest, we walked out and I went to put her in her chair

Me “hungry?”

Chase “ya…you dont have to be so rude okay? I will be the best and yours and Jude’s wedding so you better be nice to me if you want the best best man toast” I laughed

Me “then maybe you can stop being a racist pig” he jumped from the sofa and walked to the kitchen

Chase “I’m sorry, its just that this morning, you didnt respond when I spoke to you, so I thought….”

Me “I cant speak nor understand English”

Chase “yet you speak it so well, you dont even have the funny weird accent” I laughed

Me “well I had a very expensive education”

Chase ” I wouldnt expect anything less from a chaebol”

Me “and so you shouldnt”

Chase “I apologise…I may have an over bearing personality but I am not a racist nor am I a pig”

Me “good then, we will get along great!”

Chase “you’ll be nice to me?”

Me “I really want that best best man toast at my wedding” he laughed

Chase “I like you ” I smiled at him and said nothing

Jude “ya…whats going on here?” He was standing next to Chase

Me “just getting to know your best man”

Jude “best man?”

Chase “yes! When you get married, I’ll be your best man so I’m just getting to know the bride to be” he chuckled and I could just see that Jude and Chase were really close but that over bearing thing of his was sometimes a problem between them. The other was cold towards me and even a fool could see that he was team Leila

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I finished cooking and dished up for everyone, while the men spoke, Leila was not even at the table, she refused to eat my food something about allergies

…whatever, she could starve to death for all I cared. After eating, Jude and I cleaned up in the Kitchen while Brec played with uncle Chase. We stayed up watching tv, Leila got up and went to bed and I was just left with the boys, even Jason started to warm up to me, we were watching English football and we favored the same team so that made us get to know each other a little more…all human beings have the flaw of judging a book by its cover, no one is immune to that, it just makes us even more imperfect and human

I went to put Brec down and we all decided to go and sleep after the game, as I walked up the stairs following the guys to my room, Jude pulled me back down

Jude “You’re sleeping downstairs tonight” I smiled and followed him to his room, I changed out of the clothes I was wearing and got into bed, snuggling up next to him.

The following morning I woke up early and went to check on Brec, she was already awake so I picked her up changed her nappy then walked to the kitchen with her, putting her down in her chair then gave her, her bottle while I worked on breakfast. After a while Leila came down the stairs and headed straight for the fridge without even greeting. She took out bottled water then walked over to Reignie

Leila “hey mommy’s little girl” she tried to touch her but Reign resisted by moving away from her and screaming

Me “just leave her” she gave me the devil’s eye

Leila “what?”

Me “you can see she doesnt want you so just leave her, she will get used to you in due time” she let out a sarcastic laugh

Leila “so you’re giving me advice now? Dont forget this Yoona or whatever…this is my daughter!” I laughed

Me “you’re her birth mother yes but unlike you, who knows nothing about being a mom, it doesnt feel good to hear cry…if you were her mother, then you’d know that you shouldnt do stuff that will upset her” she twisted her mouth angrily and I moved Brec’s chair away from her “its okay baby” I kissed her chick and gave her her bottle again

Leila “enjoy it while it lasts Korean girl” I looked up at her

Me “what?”

Leila “It must be nice huh? Acting my daughter’s mother and taking my place in Jude’s life…but I’m back now and that will all end”

Me “you’re very confident Leila, I like that in a woman but lets get one thing straight, I am not acting like her mother, I am her mother…maybe you dont know the definition of the word ‘mother’ so I suggest you look it up because being a mom doesnt mean just giving birth….and I am not taking your place in Jude’s life, your place was long gone before I even got here…I just simply created my own and now I have permanent residency in his heart”

Leila “we’ll see how long this little happy family of yours lasts, I am back to take back whats mine so you better be ready for a fight”

Me “I dont fight Leila…whats mine will always be mine and I wont have to even lift a finger to keep it and what isnt mine, isnt mine…I dont stress myself over such trivial things. You can try until you’re blue in the face but if Jude is meant for me then you can do what ever you want but you wont be able to have him or take him but if he isnt, then so be it…I wont die without him either way” I flashed her a fake smile and I could see she was getting angry so she just turned and darted back up the stairs. I laughed

Me “what a drama queen!” Reign laughed too….

I dont know what kind of girls Leila was used to but she was dealing with a different kind this time and I was going to give her the fight of her life…Korean Style

To be continued…