Baby And Me Episode 11


After visiting Yoona at the hospital, I drove back to the house and found Yoo Hye Jung at the gate

Me “Hye Jung” she smiled

Hye Jung “Blair”

Me “everything okay?”

Hye Jung “mm, I was just checking up on you, also I may have left a file here”

Me “aahhh that, I saw it…come in” I opened the gate and we went to the house. I found my guests in the kitchen making themselves at home

Chase “Blair! You’re home…Hye Jung!”

Hye Jung “annyeo Chase” she bowed

Chase “still looking as beautiful as every!”

Hye Jung “thank you”

Me “I’ll get your file” I gave her Reign then went to find her file in one of the drawers in the kitchen “found it!” I held it up

Hye Jung “thank you” I didnt even want to introduce the two strangers in the kitchen with Chase, I just needed her to leave

Me “then, I’ll see you later?”

Hye Jung “yeah okay” she kissed Reign then gave her back to me and she left

Chase “still keeping the old squad I see” I only just looked at him, I didnt have the energy

Me “you guys well rested?”

Jay “yep! Your beds are the s*** man! Your house is amazing!”

Me “thanks Jay, have you eaten?”

Jay “no, we didnt even know what to make, all this food is so unfamiliar” I grabbed the phone and threw it at him

Me “order in, Chase will tell you where”

Chase “arent you going to cook for us? We’re your guests!”

Me “since I wasnt prepared for any guests, I dont have anything to fully cater to you guys with…so order in or dont eat at all”

Chase “whaaa! When did you become so cold hearted?”

Me “I’m going to put Reign down, she’s tired”

Leila “can I do it?” I looked at her

Me “no”

Jay “uh come on man! She needs to bond with her” I shot him a deadly look

Me “you stay out of this”

Jay “damn! He really has become cold hearted” I shook my head and walked to Riri’s room. I put her on her cot then sang to her, she liked that very much, my voice put her straight to sleep.

I heard them speaking as I walked over to my room

Leila “this harder than I thought it would be, he wants nothing to do with me, not to mention that Reign wont even let me touch her”

Jay “dont get discouraged, you knew it wasnt going to be easy, babies are easy, just keep trying with her and she will get used to you too”

Chase “ya…you can try all you want with Reign but forget any chance with Jude, he is way over you”

Jay “is it because of that girl he was with earlier today?”

Leila “why didnt you tell us about her?”

Chase “I didnt know either but she is an heiress, she was even on the list of Korea’s youngest Billionares, she is a real Chaebol and I know Jude, he’s probably with her to get something. You see guys, he is no longer the guy you all used to know, Jude only looks out for himself and his daughter, every thing he does is to provide a better life for Reign”

Leila “so you’re saying I wont get him back?”

Jay “thats nonsense, Leila is Jude’s first love and the mother of his child, she just needs to show him that she has changed and isnt the heinous cow who dumped him and left him with a new born”

Leila “Hey!”

Jay “which part is the lie?” There was silence so I decided to walk out

Me “have you guys ordered?”

Jay “we’re getting pizza”

Me “okay” I walked to the kitchen and took out the left over spicy noodle stew from the previous night and warmed it up

Chase “Jude, you could at least try to act excited that we’re here”

Jay “I’m getting the feeling that you dont want us here” I looked at them

Me “if I say I dont, will that make me a cold heart jerk?”

Chase “yes!”

Me “look guys I’m sorry if thats how I come across but you must understand, you cant just spring a visit like this on me…Chase knows that!”

Chase “okay okay! Jeez I am sorry…get over it now and just enjoy this time you have with your friends” how could I even begin to enjoy having them around when there was so much at stake now? Yoona and I just got together last night then to top it all off, her father knew my real identity and I couldnt help but worry what he would do with that information and worse part, they brought that Leila to my house! So how could I possibly even begin to entertain them?

The microwave made the ding sound and I took out my food, pulled out a chair and started eating

Jay “you have really adapted to this life hey? You speak their language, you eat their food and you even use these choptsicks, whatever happened to a fork and a knife or a spoon?”

Me “can I please just eat without you making a comment about every single thing?”

Jay “fine”

Chase “Jude, I’m sorry okay…I can see you’re not happy about this”

Me “its not that Chase, you guys have just come at a really bad time right now thats all”

Jay “what is it? Is something wrong?”

Me ” no…its just an inconvenient time thats all”

Chase “lets talk” I looked at him and he signaled out to the pool area, I sighed but stood up anyway and followed him out

Chase “so tell me, why are you in such a bad mood?”

Me “Yoona’s father knows….”

Chase “knows what?”

Me “that I am Jude Howard!”

Chase “what?!”

Me “he must also know why I faked my death man…he is estranged from his daughter and he found out that she lives here so he did some intensive digging up on me and found out I’m Jude then told Yoona” he put his hands on his head and paced around

Chase “oh no…this is bad! What do you think he’ll do?”

Me “how should I know? I just found out this morning that he knows! Its been 2 months already and he’s been really quiet, he isnt even pestering his daughter anymore”

Chase “then maybe, maybe he’s forgotten about the whole thing”

Me “you think so? You think that Chairman Seo II Joong will let some American boy continue to live with his daughter and do nothing about it?” He sat down

Chase “no”

Me “now you brought Jason and Leila here so they could get mixed up in all this mess! This why you shouldnt have meddled!”

Chase “I’m sorry man, I didnt know….”

Me “thats is why you should have called!” I said, gritting my teeth “now I have to deal with this crap, getting my relationship of the ground with Yoona, Jason and Leila? You have really outdone yourself this time Chase”

Chase “I said I’m sorry”

Me “I dont even want to hear it…sorry is not going to help me now”

Chase “we can take control of this situation” I looked at him “you can just send the chaebol back home to her daddy then go back to the States with us, you’ll avoid all this drama”

Me “shut up…if you’re not going to be helpful then shut the **** up!” I turned and walked back to the kitchen

Chase “just think about it man” I waved him off, Jay was alone in the kitchen, eating my food

Me “Ya!”

Jay “oh God, this is really good, I found a fork” he held it up with a smile, I chuckled

Me “aaahhh okay okay…you can finish it up” I noticed Leila wasnt in the room “where’s Leila?”

Jay “the kid’s room”

Me “what?” I turned and walked towards Reign’s room

I found Leila in Reign’s room, she was hovering over her? Watching her sleep

Me “what are you doing?” She looked at me with sad eyes and I felt nothing

Leila “she is so beautiful, she looks exactly like you”

Me “what are you doing Leila? Why are you even here?”

Leila “It took me a really long time to realise that I had made a terrible mistake, leaving you and leaving her….I just, I guess Im hoping for a second chance”

Me “really? After what everything you did? You made me realise that you’re not the girl I thought you were, you proved everyone who warned me against you right…do you really think you deserve a second chance?”

To be continued…