Adventures Of Fola Final Episode 28


Sometime in the evening, maybe around 4:00pm, we got home. I was eager to see everyone; Ada, Stephen, Becky, and the maids. And If you haven’t noticed yet, Edgar hasn’t been around (he is Michaels butler) he’s been gone for some weeks now. He had an emergency in his village so he had to leave, but when he heard about what was happening to me, he wanted to come back. But Michael told him not to, that he should finish whatever he has to do in his village before coming back, we all thought it was for the best, seeing as none of us was safe. We didn’t want Edgar to be put in danger too.

Anyway, when we walked into the house, I noticed it was strangely quiet. I looked at Michael and noticed he also had on a questioning look. Nancy and Gibson were walking in front of us, so I don’t know if they felt it too. As we walked further into the house, we heard laughter coming from the dining room (female laughter). Gibson turned around to look at us and asked.

“Is that Becky laughing?”

“The other voice sounds like Ada” said Nancy. I sighed, then said,

“Let’s go check” Gibson being in front took the lead, we walked behind him to the dining room, when he got there, we heard him say,

“what the..?” then he stopped in his footsteps. Nancy moved away from his back to stand beside him, she stood there for only a second when suddenly she used her hands to cover her mouth to stop the girly giggle that she was about to let out, but that didn’t work ‘cos she snorted at the same time. What’s making her laugh?, I wanted to know so I also went to stand beside her to see.

Michael moved with me as I went. Right there in front of us was Ada, lying on the floor; legs spread, arms wide, moving up and down in an arch. And she was saying,

“I am a butterfly, see me spread my wings and fly”. Becky was standing inside the bar laughing her head off. I was scared for her, she might lose her job because of this. I looked at Michael with my eyes wide, he looked at me but the look on his face was an amused look. Hmm, ok since he thinks this situation is funny, I guess Ada still has a job;

I turned my attention back to Ada who was still lying on the floor, claiming to be a butterfly ready to fly. Accepting what my eyes was seeing I said to myself, Ada .is .drunk.



I stood there staring at the love of my life making a fool out of herself, I’ve never seen her drunk before, she never even drinks. It’s one of the reasons why I love her, so for her to be drinking now means the kidnapping of Nancy and Fola really affected her.

Becky on the other hand wasn’t helping at all, she was supposed to watch over her not get her drunk. I sighed loudly at what I was seeing, then walked forward towards Ada on the floor. I got down on my knees and stared at her, she had a drunken smile on her face and she looked amazing with it. She noticed someone was looking at her so she turned her head and eyes towards me. Immediately she did her smile broadened and she yelled out unnecessarily.

“Gibson! Babe, you’re here, welcome back” my heart squeezed at the sound of her calling me “babe” then her eyes bugged out and she turned her head sideways, eyes searching, looking for what I don’t know before asking,

“ did you find Fola and Nnacy, oh please tell me you did?” then she faced me again. She no longer had the smile on her face but instead she looked scared.

“They fine Ada, we found them” I said. Suddenly the happy, radiant smile came back,

“really, oh that’s amazing”. Then it changed once again, I wondered why she suddenly looked sad,

“Ada what’s wrong, I just said Fola and Nancy are fine, and they’ve been found, but you don’t look happy about it” Her mouth turned upside down into a frown, and she looked like she was about to cry,

“it’s my fault, it’s my fault that they were taken”

“What?, no Ada don’t say that” said Fola walking towards us, with Nancy right behind her. Ada continued like she didn’t hear Fola speak,

“if only I had done something while those idiots were in the room one of them or both of them would have been safe”, then her breath hitched like the tears were right at the edge of her eyes but she was trying to hold back.

“Ada, you had a gun to your back, there’s no way of knowing what would have happened to you if you tried something. I’m glad you didn’t ‘cos honestly loosing you would have been a nightmare, we almost lost Stephen, would have s—-d if we lost you too”. I countered.

“What’s wrong with Stephen?” asked Nancy

I looked at Nancy from where I was on the floor, shoot! I didn’t tell them about Stephen. Then my eyes slid to Michael who was at the moment standing beside Fola and Nancy.

“Gibson, I said what happened to Stephen?” my eyes went back to Nancy at her demand, I tried covering up , ‘cos I didn’t want her or Fola to know about Stephen yet, they need rest after what they’ve been through but Becky beat me to it as I said,

“Nothing Nancy”…… Becky said , “He was shot”. I sighed and closed my eyes, bending my head at the same time. This won’t go well.

“What?” yelled both Fola and Nancy?

“Yep, shot, in the chest” continued Becky not caring if Nancy was about to faint, I think she was anyway, not sure, but she got herself together.

“But, how? I mean….is he o.k.?” asked Nancy, she was looking totally terrified.

“Yeah he’s good, he’s a fighter, a strong boy” replied Becky. Right now Ada wasn’t feeling guilty anymore at the sound of their voice, she got up from the floor clumsily, placing her hand on my thighs to support herself but when she noticed she couldn’t get up she gave up and decided to just sit on the ground. Then her big gorgeous eyes landed on the girls and she yelled once again unnecessarily saying,

“ you’re here, the both of you” then she crawled to Fola, Fola got down on her knees too before Ada would hurt herself and regret it tomorrow morning, she’s already going to regret it anyway.

“Yes Ada I’m here” replied Fola, She wound her arms around her to get the hug Ada was giving to her before saying, “god you’re wasted, how many drinks did you have?” Ada pushed away from Fola, then she lifted her fingers looking at it, then she tried counting, when she got to the third finger she threw her hands up, exasperated and said,

“ I don’t know I lost count after the fifth glass” I raised an eyebrow looking at Fola, she felt me looking at her, her eyes came to me and she too looked surprised. Fola was about to speak again but Michael suddenly interrupted her saying

“ Fola I think Ada should go to bed”

“Bed?” asked Ada looking lost. “If you can’t support her up the stairs then you and Nancy can do it or Becky could help”. Michael continued, ignoring Ada’s question.

“I aint climbing up those stairs, I’m hungry, had enough drink that will last me for the whole week, now I’m hungry, so I’m going to the kitchen to find me some food” she walked out of the bar coming towards us, mind you, Fola, Ada and i, are still on the floor, so their heads were raised while she spoke and walked towards us. Except for Ada, she still looked lost.

“Let me know when she’s in bed ok, and I’m glad you two are safe and back?” she said to Fola when she reached us, then she cat walked out of the room. We all watched her walk out, none of us saying anything. Then Fola broke the silence.

“Ok Ada, let’s go, it’s time for bed”

“Bed? What bed?” Ada looked at Fola confused.

“Bed Ada, you need to sleep off this drunkenness in you”

“But it’s not even evening yet, I can’t sleep now, I need to make dinner, or lunch” she scratched her head, looking more confused. Then she asked, “What time is it?”

“Its 4:15” replied Fola.

“Oh ok, then I need to make dinner” she tried getting up once more but halfway through her progress, she fell back on her behind. Then she snapped, sounding peeved, “ what’s wrong with my legs, I can’t seem to get up, I need to cook” then she tried once again, this time she placed her hand back on Gibson’s thighs, and again she fell on her behind. She growled after this attempt, she looked so cute I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Alright princess, let’s get you to bed” i said. then carried her, stood up, as fast as i could, her in my arms and i was up and going, walking out of the room. as i walked, i didnt know the room was in shock at what i had done. i had no idea Fola had blinked rapidly trying to figure out how i did it. getting to the door, Ada said

“put me down i can walk, my legs are just angry at me for drinking, once i apologize to them, they’ll forgive me and begin to work again”. i shook my head at her demand, but i kept on walking. I heard Nancy giggling, then i was out of the room.


Six months later.


The garden was full of people, Michael’s friends which included his employees and work buddies, and also other friends from around the world were here, Stephen’s friends were here too. I stood among them, watching the wedding planner shouting her head off, giving instructions here and there, men lifting up tables and chairs, others holding table cloths. Arranging them in rows and columns, with a space in the middle that led to the end of the aisle decorated with beautiful flowers, a combination of white and red, where the bride and groom will say I do.

You see, its Fola’s wedding. And I am thrilled to be here, once we got the news that Tinu ( Fola’s mum) had been sentenced to jail for 45 years or so, we all threw a huge celebration, glad that the nightmare was over. The day we were rescued (that is after we had taken Ada to bed and made sure she took panadol, before passing out) , Fola insisted that she be taken to the hospital to see Stephen I also wanted to go, so I stood right beside her demanding that we be taken to him,( well I didn’t demand, Fola did the demanding), but Michael listened all the same and said we needed to rest. Fola gave him her signature glare, but he just smiled at her, once she realized he wasn’t caving, she whirled around to walk away, angry that he wasn’t taking her to see Stephen.

But Michael caught her by the wrist and jerked her to him; she emitted a surprised girly scream at this action, landing on his chest. Once she settled, she continued with her glare. I was quite proud of her, even with the whole pulling and landing on his chest, she was still able to give him the glare. Then I watched Michael smile and say,

“you’ll go tomorrow” then his eyes left hers and landed on me, “the both of you” I smiled hugely at him, grateful that I was going to see Stephen. I was totally petrified when I found out Stephen had been shot, so many pictures started going through my head, like him never walking, or waking up, or even standing by his grave paying my respects. I mentally shook that thought out of my head, ‘cos it still makes me scared.

I sat down in one of the white chairs arranged for guests as I remembered what had happened the next day after our rescue, we went to visit Stephen, he was all smiles when he saw us walk in, like he hadn’t been shot at all. I was the first to walk into his hospital room, I ran straight to him hugging him tight. He moaned a little in pain, this made me let him go abruptly, I quickly apologized for causing him pain, all he said was,

“ I’ll take more of that pain to feel you hug me once more” I smiled, hugely, but I didn’t hug him again. Then Fola walked over to his bed and gave him a soft hug, we stayed with him for a while, making him laugh, we even ate in his room too.

Later in the evening we left, promising to come back the next day. Two days later, he was released from the hospital, we took him home, and everyone was happy and grateful he was alive and well. And now six months later, we are here to witness the joining of Michael and Fola. By the way, Fola is upstairs, at home,in her room getting ready. Michael decided not to sleep in the house where the bride was also going to sleep. He said it was bad luck, groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before her wedding. I personally thought that was sweet of him, it shows he truly is an amazing person.

“Hey” I turned around in my seat at the sound of Stephen.

“Hey” I replied back, giving him a small smile.

“What are you doing sitting out here, thought you were home with Fola, helping her to get ready?” He asked, sitting beside me. I shook my head, he grinned at me, “why?” he asked.

“well because Fola is very bossy on her wedding day, I stayed with her in the room for like 10 minutes, and I was already fearing for my life, she kept telling me not to touch this, or touch that, or not to seat wherever I wanted to sit, so I decided to leave, moreover, she has Ada and Becky at her beck and call, Becky is doing her makeup, while Ada is arranging her dress and other necessities”. Stephen chuckled and shook his head, but he said nothing after my explanation. We both sat there and watched the wedding planner shout her head off at her crew, she sounds like a sergeant, shouting instructions here and there, I’m sure her crew aren’t enjoying their work.
I felt Stephen take a hold of my hand, my eyes left the wedding planner to stare at my hand in his, then they lifted to stare at his eyes.

“I’m glad I didn’t die Fola” my heart skipped when he said that, then i jerked a bit at his words, but he didn’t notice it ‘cos he continued to speak, “I didn’t tell any of you this, but while I was under, I saw my mum, she was the one that convinced me to come back, she mentioned your name, and immediately I knew I couldn’t live without you, so I made up my mind not to stay where I was, but to come back, to you” then he smiled at me, his face soft, “you’re my reason for coming back Nancy, just you” then he kissed my knuckles. I gulped after his heart wrenching speech,

“oh my God he came back for me” I thought to myself, what in the world do I say to that?. Seeing as I had nothing to say, I smiled at him, while I felt my eyes water. Then a tear dropped, then another and another, the next thing I know I’m in his arms, and his hugging me tight. I smiled a watery smile hugging him back. I looked up to the sky saying a quiet prayer to God, thanking him for sending Stephen’s mother to him to convince him to come back, then I thanked Stephens mum for doing the job, ‘cos even if Stephen doesn’t know, I also I can’t live without him.

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“Oh my god, I can’t find my shoes, where are my shoes!” I yelled turning around in a circle, like I’ll find them just doing that. At the moment we were at the house and I was getting ready for my wedding, the problem now is I can’t find my shoes, I need my shoes, they are important.

“Calm down dear we’ll find it, don’t worry yourself” I stopped turning to glare at Ada,

“calm down, I should calm down? Michael will soon be at the venue, I have like twenty more minutes and I aint ready yet, don’t tell me to calm down”. i snapped at her. Once I was done with my freak out, my hand suddenly got in contact with a pair of cute heeled silver sandals, Becky had pushed them into my hand, I stood there for a second looking at the shoes in my hand, then I raised my head to look at Becky, she was already walking out of the room, muttering why she hated weddings, that it always made someone agitated and anxious. Once she got to the door, I yelled a

“thank you” at her back. She lifted her hand to give a short wave, and then she was gone. I turned my head to Ada, she was sitting down smiling at the door,

“are you going to continue to sit there smiling at the door, or will you give me a hand in putting on my shoes?” i said still sounding overbearing. She didn’t say anything; she just got up, took the shoes from my hand, and led me to the bed and said,

“ sit, I’ll help put on your shoes, and then once it’s time, you’ll go out there to get married to the man of your dreams, the man god has made for you, you alone, and you will do it smiling with no fear or regrets, get me?” I smiled at her, she knew I was scared, that’s why I’ve been acting all rude and annoying, I nodded my head at her, telling her I was going to do just that, she smiled at me, got down on her knees and helped to put on my shoes.


We were at the hotel and we were ready to leave, or I was ready to leave. Today is the day where I’ll be getting married to the love of my life, and I have my man Gibson to witness it. He wanted us to have a bachelor party but I refused, this is because I didn’t want Fola to have her own bachelorette party due to the fact that Becky was around, only God knows what will go down, So to be on the safe side, no party for both parties.

Gibson didn’t like it per say but he understood why. Now here we are, the day of my wedding and I am ready to make Fola mine, I watched Gibson as he walked over to the chair by the desk in our hotel room to grab his suit. He put an arm into the hand of the suit then did the same for the other hand. He then turned around to face me, I looked at him and grinned, if Ada doesn’t quit with her stubbornness, some chick will grab Gibson from her once he gets seen. He was wearing a grey suit with a white cooperate shirt inside, grey tie and black shoes. He looked really good.

While I on the other hand I’m putting on a black suit with a red cooperate shirt inside, black tie and black shoes. I’m going to be owned in a few hours but as for Gibson, he might probably have women flocking over him. Ada should better quit being stubborn or she’ll regret it.



I stood in front of the mirror staring at myself, I was in my wedding gown and it was exceptionally beautiful. It was a white ball gown, with dozens of stones spread all around it, the hand and chest of the gown was made of a net like plain fabric sewn to a garter that was also full of white dazzling stones, I also had on some silver heeled sandals, (had to wear heels ‘cos Michael is quite tall). To be honest I looked like a princess.

As I stood there looking at the mirror I felt a presence in the room, I turned around to look and saw Becky standing by the door of Ada’s room. I smiled at her, she returned the smile, and then she walked into the room standing beside me. She wound her hands around my waist and chest holding me, my hand came up to hold the hand by my chest and she said,

“You make an amazing bride, Michael is lucky to have you, the both of you are a match made in heaven”. I smiled at her, our eyes meeting in the mirror, my own eyes started to get watery and I could feel the burn in my throat indicating that I was about to cry.

“Thank you” I croaked out, Then I started to fan my face rapidly, exclaiming “ oh gosh, I’m going to destroy my make up” for some reason this made Becky laugh, I started to laugh too, but I kept fanning my face ‘cos I still wanted to cry, but they were tears of joy.


I stood at the end of the aisle waiting for my bride to arrive; I was excited to have her as my wife. Gibson stood beside me as my best man, and Bello stood beside him as my groom’s man, I didn’t want lots of people at my wedding, the both of them was enough, and not surprising Fola wanted the same, she had Ada as her maid of honor and Nancy and Becky as her bride’s maids.

So here I am waiting for her arrival. We hired a live band and they began to play once they were told Fola was ready. But it wasn’t the usual “here comes the bride song”, no, it was our song, or the song Fola really loves “ Ed sheeran, thinking out loud” . As the band played and sang, the love of my life Fola walked down the aisle, dressed in white looking absolutely beautiful, and she’s all mine. She walked down the aisle with Stephen acting in as the man to give her out to me. She had on her radiant smile and her eyes were focused on me. She got to me and I dragged her out of Stephens’s hands to my side, the crowd laughed. But I didn’t care; I needed to get this over with.

I heard her soft giggle, and I smiled down at her, god she’s beautiful. We heard the pastor clear his throat; we both looked at him, all smiles, not caring that we were acting like two young eager teenagers. He gave his short sermon on marriage, living together and all that, then he joined us, all the while our song played at a low volume. And when he said you may kiss your bride, I turned to face Fola, pulled her a lot closer to me, and I kissed her, I wasn’t thinking of stopping by the way.

There were cat calls, whistles, clapping, and laughter coming from our friends and family. After I was done kissing her, I looked straight into her eyes and I honestly couldn’t wait to start my life forever waking up and going to bed with her, forever. Till the end of time, she is absolutely mine, my fola.



I watched Michael as he kissed Fola, and I felt the tears fall from my eyes, I was so happy for her, she has finally gotten her happy ending. She had the worst mother, the worst childhood, but look at where she is now. With the man of her dreams, family and friends surrounding her, raining love on her from every angle. The devil might have made her think that there was no way she was going to have this, a happy life, but he was absolutely wrong, ‘cos God had a better plan for her, and Gods plan is surely the ultimate best.

I felt eyes on me as I looked at the two love bird’s kiss, my eyes moved to know who it was, and they landed on Gibson, he had on a blank face, giving nothing for me to read. I felt my cheeks heat up, ‘cos he looked amazing in his grey suit. I noticed some women ogling him, and I know if I continue with my habit of being stubborn and frustrating I might lose him forever.

I looked back at the couple, the new Mr. and Mrs., after they were done kissing, the pastor announced,

“ may I introduce our newest couple , Mr. and Mrs. Michael smith” the whole crowd stood up, giving a standing ovation, there was shouting, clapping, cheering all around, even the servers cheered too. It was absolutely beautiful.

They walked down the aisle together, smiling and shaking hands with their friends, everyone cheering them, Nancy, Becky, Bello and Stephen followed, confetti was thrown on them, Fola laughed and Michael smiled. But I stood there, my eyes on Gibson, he stood there too staring at me, the pastor walked down, and every one headed inside the hall for the reception.

We stood there for about a minute, none of us saying anything, then Gibson walked to me, he got about 5 feet to me but that’s when I stepped back, he stopped in his steps, his eyes looking straight at me.

“How long are you going to keep this up?” he asked calmly. But seeing as I’m me, which means I’m stubborn I said stubbornly.

“As long as it takes”.

“then I guess I’ll have to wear you down, ‘cos I’m not giving up Ada, I’m going to have you back, and I promise you, we will be the next to be saying I do” my breath hitched at what he said and my eyes expanded twice its size, he closed the remaining distance to me, held me by the neck and kissed my forehead, then he walked away, heading for the hall. I stood there breathless, my chest beating erratically fast, I watched him walk away and suddenly noticed for the first time since I’ve known him that his walk is amazing, it was then I also realized, that I was madly and hopelessly still in love with him, then without even meaning to, I said…..

“shoot, I’m dead”.


Thanks for reading guys. This concludes the story of Fola.