Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 81. Final


Kiara’s p.o.v

“Sweetheart,your sons are awake.” I shook his arm as I hear footsteps coming close to our room.

“They are your kids too.”

“Not on Sunday.” I got up and open the door for our bundle of joys.

As soon as they enter the room, kyle squats down and tickles them.

I left them to it and got downstairs to prepare the breakfast.

We were blessed with two twins.

Harriet and Harrison.

They both are three years old super active toddlers.

Annabel had gone to stay with my older brother for the holiday.

She is now a big girl.

Pretty and intelligent too.

Kyle has proven to be the best husband and a great father.

Every Sunday, he spends his time at home.

With the kids and me.

No matter what.

He always manages to make time for us.

“Geez” I squeak as Kyle makes Harriet sit on his shoulders and picks up Harrison by his leg handing me.

After breakfast, I was sitting on the couch while kyle and the kids were playing.

Marrying Kyle was the best thing ever.

We have had our ups and downs but everyone has it right?

Loving someone is a leap of faith.

You give them your heart and trusting them on not breaking it.

No matter what happens,I will never regret giving that leap to Kyle.

Whenever I look at him,I am amazed.

Not because of his looks but because of the fact that everything I have ever wanted is right in front of me.

“What are you thinking about, babe?” Kyle’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Nothing.” I replied letting my head rest over his shoulder.

He always says that he is living a life he never saw in the nearest future.

That he is living his life happily because of me.

That I have found him and showed him the path.

That I am his morning after a dark terrorising night.

What he doesn’t know is that we both are each other’s dawns after a dark night.

That we both are each other’s ray of light in darkness.

I am happy I found him.

I am happy he loves me too.

And I hope for you to also find your true love someday too.

This is my story.

A story of how I got arranged to marry my high school Mr. Playboy.

A story that tells how our hearts raced.

And our hearts will keep racing for each other day till eternity.

“I love you,kyle.”

“I love you more, kiara.”

And he slammed his lips onto mine.

The End