Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 80


Kyle p.o.v

“Dad, stop. I’m fine. The tie is fine!” I grumbled, trying to wave my dad off as he kept messing with my suit.

“Stop fidgeting, boy!” He snapped, causing my brother, and the guys [groomsmen] ash, jonas and Michael to snicker.

“Learn to be a man for once, and stop acting like a three year old. It’s your wedding not your sixth birthday. ”

My face turned hot and I could feel the sweat coming in when dad said ‘wedding’. I heard the guys laugh real loud this time, causing me to snap my head towards them and narrow my eyes, muttering cuss words under my breath.

Alex slung his arm around my shoulder,

“Bro, chill. It’s beautiful, starry night out tonight.” He dramatically waved his hands to the sky.

“And your damn wedding, you a$s!” He suddenly snapped, smacking my head, making me furrow my eyebrows in even more anger at him.

Alex pinched my forehead.

“Don’t do that with your brows, dude. You gonna get wrinkles. I don’t think kiara will find that so attractive. ” he whispered the last part, making my frown turn into a straight line, and my eyes soften.

My eyes connected with kiara’s older brother, causing my whole body to go numb and my lips to quickly turn into a huge smile that flashed my teeth.

That dude, was sure a scary guy.

He walked up to me slowly, and pointed a finger at me.

“Oh!” A photographer yelled.

“You guys smile at the camera.” She said to kiara brother and I, and he flashed a fake smile, starting to threaten me between gritted teeth.

“Listen, I don’t want you to hurt my sister,you got that?” He scolded, still flashing his smile at the camera.

“Because if you do, I will make sure no bone in your body st…”

“Okay.” I interrupted him.

“Okay. I won’t. Anyways, I really love her. I know you don’t trust me and you don’t want to hand over your sister to anyone, but you need to have faith in me bro, I really do love her. I would never leave her or hurt her, or anything like that. ”

He narrowed his eyes at me,

“Watch your back, kid.” He simply stated, then left to go back to his spot.

Like I said, that guy, was sure a scary dude.

It wasn’t until everyone in the crowd silenced, and a hush fell upon the entire reception arena.

My eyes immediately snapped to the double doors, where everyone else was staring at. And there, stepped out a girl dressed in all white, looking more beautiful than ever.

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The girl I love,linking her arm with her father’s, ready to walk down the aisle and come to me.

I felt a lump form in my throat, my face getting even more hot.

I couldn’t describe her.

She was just so beautiful, it can’t possibly come in words.

It just, simply can’t.

I zoned out of the background music as I stared at her as she walked down the aisle with the flower girl ( her niece) and the ring bearer ( my nephew) behind her.

Kiara’s giggle echoed through my ears, and not so long after, the most beautiful woman in the world was standing right in front of me.

She turned away from her dad as I took her hands in mine, eyes connecting with my own.

She flashed me her flawless smile, making my knees go weak.

I grinned back immediately, firming her small hands in mine. Soon enough, the minister guy started speaking.

“Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join kiara Arthur and Kyle Johnson in holy matrimony, which is commended to be Honorable among all men; and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly…”

I didn’t hear the rest, considering I zoned out.

I couldn’t help myself, she was too beautiful.

I felt Alex’s shoulder hit hardly against mine, snapping me back to attention.

“I do” I suddenly blurted out.

Laughter erupted from the crowd and everyone around me, including kiara.

“I’m sorry, you can’t go on and say ‘I do’. The vows and prayers aren’t done ye..”

“I do.” I cut him off again, looking at him reassuringly.

He gave me a look, to which I gave him a small nod back.

“But, the law says that you must complete all vo..”

This time, it was Alex who had interrupted him.

“He knows what he is doing dude. Legal or not, I’m pretty sure that him saying ‘I do’ is more than enough as his vows.”

The priest dude stayed silent for a long while, but after what seemed like forever, he finally sighed.

“Very well, then. Since you are already apparently done with the vows,” he looked at kiara.

“Do you, kiara…”

“I do, too.” She interrupted him just the same.

The priest dude stayed silent for a long time, until he looked at the two of us like a madman.

“You two are going to cost me a fine.!”

I and kiara chuckled, as he made his remark.

“In this case, however, you may…” He paused, then looked at me.

“You may kiss the bride.”

I don’t know what happened after that, really.

I remember leaning in and smashing my lips on Kiara’s lips.

And we kissed.

I felt so much in that kiss, as cliche as it sounds.

It wasn’t as amazing as our first kiss ever, but…it sure came close.

So I guess I’ll end it here.

Whatever happened after our kiss was fate.

But all that mattered at this moment was that kiara is finally mine.

Finally completely mine.

She wasn’t kiara Arthur anymore.

But kiara kyle.

She took my name.

And there was no way in hell and back or heaven and back I would let that name change or disappear.

It’s a permanent mark.