Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 74


Kyle’s p.o.v

“So, um, what are you gonna do about it?” Jonas asked, looking up at me with a sympathetic expression.

The skimp of a waitress came by our table and placed Starbucks drinks next to us.

Jonas nodded at her, then gave a disgusted look when she turned away.

He muttered,


“Yeah, what?” Ash added in.

“I mean, you have to so something at least. You can’t just sit around and do nothing…”

“I’m not fvcking gonna do nothing, okay?” I uncontrollably snapped at him, making ash flinch.

“Sorry. But, it should be obvious, I think I wouldn’t just do nothing…”

The girls, ash, Jonas and I were taking time to think over the incident at the cafe.

Michael was supposed to be with us but now he called and said he would be a little late.

The thing is, the wedding is in four days time.

With kiara depression mode, four days is not enough time for her to fit for the wedding.

Our wedding is supposed to be a happy day.

I don’t think kiara would even have a real smile on her face anymore, either.

“Well,” ash started.

“What did you do after you found out who it was?”

I sighed,

“I don’t know. I mean, after she told me, I was pretty outraged. Not at her, though. Because, I knew she knew to stay away from him. Actually, she didn’t even know who the rapist was until that night. She fell asleep after she told me, and I didn’t bother her after that. Cause, I knew she needed time. You know?”

Jonas shook his head in mere confusion,

“But, why would he do that? I mean, he is scared shitless of you. He always has been. He knew you and kiara were together. So what the fvck?” He inquired, licking his lips, something he always did when he was frustrated or felt stupid.

“That’s the thing! I don’t know! That night at the beach, months ago, I told him to back off. He got the signal. And then, he goes after her again at Stanford. He should’ve got the message that I didn’t want him to be around kiara anymore after what I did to him.”

“He is a smart dude, too.” Ash added.

“He knows to back off if he did something wrong. And knowing him, I don’t think he would continue messing with Kiara even after you slammed him. ”

“I don’t know what you are going to do man. But we will help you out.” Jonas assured me.

“I mean, the least we could do is track him down. ”

“Yeah, track him down. But, how, exactly? Kiara made me swear not to let anyone know of it. So we can’t go report it to the police an…”

“And you are going to listen to her?” Ash pressed, his tone full of disgust and shock.

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“She is your fvcking fiancee. She is the most fragile girl I know, and you know. of course she would say that! She doesn’t want anyone to worry about her. When clearly, we are. We have to repoet it to the police. What else are we gonna do? Huh?”

Jonas nodded, engagingly.

“Dude, I know you love her and everything. But, you are turning way too soft. Obeying everything she tells you is way out of question.

” I don’t obey everything she tells me, okay?” I scoffed.

“Okay.” Jonas rolled his eyes.

“But this incident needs to be reported whether you like it or not. ”

I stood up from the table, shoving my chair aside so I could get out.

I have had enough of these dumb-asses telling me to harden up.

I’m not soft.

I’m not that soft.

And it isn’t like I don’t want to report it.

But, kiara would hate me if I did.

“Where are you going?” Jonas yelled over to me, when I was halfway across the cafe.

“Bro, you can’t just leave like that. You know, we didn’t mean to say anything wrong, alright?” He said, catching up to me as we threw away our food.

“Yeah,” ash shrugged.

“But, really, though. What are you going to do about it?”

I ran my fingers through my hair and bit onto my bottom lip, heading for the automatic exit doors.

“I told you. I don’t know. You tell me. I’m trying, I really am. But it’s just that this g…”

I stopped as my chest hit into another buff, hard body.

I looked up at the person realizing it was just a tired Michael looking all sweaty, tired and sleepless.

“Why are you late? And why do you smell? And what…”

“I…I…sa..saw…” He panted.


“What the fvck are you talking about, man? Hurry up!” I snapped, annoyed by how my time was being wasted.

“Michael, if you have nothing to say, then let’s just go, okay?”

We were about to push the doors open and get out, when the next Michael has said stopped me and my tracks.

“I know where maxwell is. ”