Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 68


Kyle’s p.o.v

“And she doesn’t like peanut butter, so never feed her that. ” Kiara’s dad, began rambling on and on about taking care of his daughter.

“If you do, just remember son, and I’m saying this as a father, I will make sure you take a show across the fa…”

“Okay, okay. ” I interrupted him.

“I won’t give her any peanut butter, ever!”

I was out shopping for the wedding with the dads, my groomsmen and best man.

My highschool friends, ash, jonas, and byran were the groomsmen.

“Hi.” One of the employees came up to us, smiling widely.

“Do you need he…wait, ” she paused, staring at my face wide eyed.

“You are kyle Johnson?” The son of Johnson, me jenour?”

I kept myself from rolling my eyes, but nodded.

“Um yeah, I am.”

“Oh, wow! And you are Alex Johnson, ” she pointed to my older brother.

” Wow, this is amazing . Do you guys need help? I will be glad to…”

“No. ” I cut her off.

“It’s fine, but, what do you think would be like the perfect tuxedo for a wedding?”

The blonde lady smiled,

“Ah, so the famous son of the Johnson’s is tying the knot, soon eh?” She started, as If I was some sort of world wide celebrity.

“Who is the lucky girl?”

I smiled as she asked that, thinking of kiara.

Making me more nervous.

“Actually, I think I am the one lucky here. ”

I heard the other guys howl and whistle behind me.

“Never thought he would say something like that. ” Jonas patted my back, making me roll my eyes.

“This girl is special, right?”

I nodded, my eyes wandering round the boutique.

“She is.”

My smile turned into a frown after I realized we weren’t even starting to look.

“Which is why everything has to be perfect. So , go and look for a suit now.”

Alex chuckled,

“His vanity is coming out. ” he whispered, thinking I didn’t hear, which I clearly did.

I glared at him, causing him to put his hands in the air in surrender.

“Hey, kyle. ” ash called,coming out of the dressing room.

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“How is this for groomsmen?”

I shook my head in a ‘no’.

It isn’t good enough.

I smacked ace’s head,

“No dumba$s. That blue, pink, silver and white suit doesn’t look so decent. ” I laughed.

I roamed around the shop looking for the right one.

I wanted the boutonniere flower to be a rose for kiara, hersel.

Cliche, but she loves roses.

I turned around, looking at everyone else.

The guys were messing around as they pulled out ridiculous suits and ties, while my dad and kiara’s dad were already debating on theirs.

Soon enough, I even approved of the tuxedos for the groomsmen and best man.

I sighed, feeling tired and lazy to look around anymore.

I know, you think I’m vain.

And I do have a high level of vanity, but this is for kiara.

I want everything to be perfect.

I felt someone sling their arm around my shoulder, causing me to look up.

“What, Alex?”

He didn’t say anything, instead he slipped a random suit in my hand.

I rolled my eyes as he walked away, then looked at it.

A crooked smile formed on my face, as I looked back to where alex was, giving him a nod that said ‘thank you’. He gave me a wink and nodded back.


Check that off the list.