Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 67


Andrea P.O.V

“Can you believe it?” Michael smiled, running around one of Stanford campuses.

“They are really doing it. ”

I bit hard into my nail out of fury.

Anger rushed through my veins as I recalled what Michael, my boyfriend, had told me a while ago.

“He proposed!” He barged outside, making sure no one heard him but me.

“He actually proposed. ”

I furrowed my eyebrow, wiping my lip from any marks or stains from the last one had given me.

He was good, and tasty.

Why can’t my own boyfriend be like that?

“Kyle,” he continued looking at me directly at my eyes.


Kyle proposed!

A smile spread across his lips.

Can you believe it?

When he told me, I was shocked.

And I still am.

How does a hot sexy jock like Kyle stand to live with a whore like …… Kiara?!

That doesn’t make any sense they are totally different opposites.

I know, I know you would think I was the best of friends with….kiara, right?

Well, no.



I only ever befriended her because Michael is my boyfriend.

And I can’t afford to go wirhout a hot guy like Michael.

That is, until I came back from new York and saw that kyle, my ex, was engaged to that, that thing!

I am so much prettier than that stinking kiara.

Kyle needs to be with a girl like me not her.

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“Why aren’t you saying anything Andrea?” Michael furrowed his eyebrows, confused.

He walked towards me slowly, the sunlight on his bare arms considering he was only wearing his jersey.

“Are you okay?”

“Ughmm…I’m fine. ” I gritted my teeth before realizing my attitude.

“I mean, I’m fine.” I smiled fakely.

“Okay…” Michael chuckled

“Why is your neck red?”

I cocked my head,

“What do you mean?” I touched my neck as if the red will come off.

“I mean….” He began.

He reached out his hand, lightly touching my cheek.

“Why are the….”

His eyes narrowed suddenly, as if he was looking closer.

That was when it clicked me.

The love bite.

“Andrea, is that a hickey on your neck?”

I widened my eyes, looking around at anywhere but him.

I bit my top lip with my bottom teeth feeling heat rise to my face.


He found out.

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Michael snickered,

“Relax, I’m just asking. You are acting like you went off cheating on me Andrea.” He shook his head.

Oh, thank God!

I sighed quietly,

“Ye…yeah, I mean…” I laughed it off

“Right? Why would I cheat on you,Michael?”

Michael furrowed his brow,

“Yeah, why?”

“I…mean, that is insane!”

“Yeah, insane!” Michael whispered, stepping away from me slightly.

“Extremely insane.”

“I know.”

His eyes wandered around the floor, as if he was thinking of something….

It’s not like he found out,right?

I mean, he is gullible.

He can’t find out.

“Are…are you okay?” I asked trying to ease the atmosphere.

“You seem to…

“I was wrong. ” he interrupted me.

“I was so so wrong.”

I clenched my fist nervously.


About what Michael?

God, help me!

“I was blind. Two whole years and I was just that blind! ” he ran his fingers through his hair, stepping back to each word.

No one was around us, everyone was in the parking lot ready to go home, now or to their dorm, but us.

“I can’t…”

“Michael!” I screeched.

“What are you talking about? What is going on with you?”

Michael shook his head, his eyes flashing hurt, anger and…disgust?

“You cheated.” He stepped back again, only this time, faster and more bigger.

I widened my eyes and shook my head rapidly.

“No, no! Michael, what are you talking about? I would never do that to you…i…”

“Don’t even, Andrea!” He stopped me.

“You fvcking cheated!”

“Baby, listen, I…”

“No stop!” His eyes were getting a little watery but do I care?

I don’t think so.

“How many more times have you gone behind my back and swallowed other guys, huh? Or did you sleep with them too?”


I looked down, realizing this was it.

There was no way of getting him back.

But, that wasn’t what I was worried about.

I was worried of what everyone might say if they found out.

Sure, I had sex with other guys back in new York and made out with a lot, but never wanted him to find out.

“You did. Didn’t you had séx behind my back?”

I stayed silent, saying nothing at all.

I was just silent.

“Two years and….”

I felt embarrassed for being yelled at like this.

You know that feeling right?

Like, that lump in your throat and that was all that happened after that.

Until…he said those three words I didn’t expect for him to say.

“We are over….”

With that he left.

 He left the campus, leaving me alone.

But I didn’t feel hurt.

I didn’t feel anything.

I guess this was meant to be.

His loss….

Not mine…