Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 56


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5 Months.

That’s how long it’s been since kiara and I had officially became together.

It’s October now and we are back in college.

Turns out, she got accepted into Stanford like me. So we are in Cali now.

Kiara had along fight over Yale and Standford, but ended up choosing Standford since she wanted to be with me.

If you are wondering …..


kiara and I are doing pretty well.

Amazing, in fact.

But there’s a catch.

Micheal and Andrea, go to Standford with us too.

I’m okay with micheal but Andrea’s just messed up in the head.

Andrea was never really accepted into Stanford, but she begged her parents to pay for her college so she could get there and they let her.

whatever though.

I hang out with a few of my friends from back in high school too, well the ones that do go to Stanford.

And it’s nice to be with my mates again, but they are all still in shock with the fact that I’m with kiara.

I mean, I was a player and she was the good girl and I also rejected her, but I want them to understand that I love her and things have changed.

“Kyle Johnson, are you paying attention?” Mr swan, our biochemistry professor screeched, slapping his wooden ruler or his desk.

He was an old man, with slight grey hairs sticking out of his head, but he had a full load of hair and dropping eyes like that dog from snoopy doo cartoon.

“Yeah, I was. I swear.”

Mr swan sighed deeply,

“Mr Johnson…” He began in his deep thick voice that said sounded like ‘I will throw you depths of hell but I will try to keep calm because I don’t want to get fired.’

“This is your second class here and God forbid when will you ever learn that listening to me is necessary for your future opportunities? I mean come on bow there is been many….”

I doze off as his boring monotone voice sent half the classroom to sleep. The only thing coming to my mind was Kiara’s beautiful face and how I wished she was here with me now but we didn’t have all classes together unfortunately.

“Mr kyle!”

My eyes snapped up to Mr swan as well as the other kids immediately snapped to reality.

Mr swan’s eyes were red and his face was beyond on fire.

His lips clenched together to show how angry he really was, and his fingers stretched out to me. He pointed his index finger, slowing bending it from me to him.

That was when I knew I was in a deep sh*t.

“To the headmaster’s office now. ” he gritted through his clenched teeth.

I rolled my eyes grabbing my bag and carelessly stepping out of the room.

I didn’t head to the to head master’s office. Instead, my feet found their way standing in front of Kiara’s current period, musical arts.

I quietly pushed on the double doors to the auditorium room, making sure not to get the professor attention.

As I entered the class, I could hear the faded voices of students going on about random things.

This was the best part of musical Arts.

The professor never mind what you talk about or what you did because he believes that we have to have the best of who we are now and he still considers us as kids.

I peeked my head around the black walls looking around for kiara’s dark brown hair.

I finally found her laughing and smiling with one of the blonde’s dude there. He looked very familiar, but I couldn’t give out who he really was . I just know that there is a guy flirting with my girlfriend and my fiancee.

“Kiara” I shouted, but my voice was barely a whisper.

The musical arts professor was seated in the other corner of the auditorium with three other students and he was totally oblivious to the fact that there was a guy who entered his class with no permission or care.

“Kiara” I shouted louder, earning a few glances from students.

“Ehn, can you call the brunette over there for me?” I whispered to a girl with firey red hair and braces.

“What?” She shouted, causing me to face palm myself.

“What did you wa….”

“Shut up.” I hissed as I shove her before she said anything else.

My eyes traveled to my girlfriend and the blonde guy, only to cause my fists to clsnxh at his sight.

He was brushing her hair away from her face with a look that clearly stated ‘I’m about to kiss you’. Kiara looked extremely uncomfortable. She tried to look away from the guy but he wouldn’t stop.

I watched as he grabbed her wrist and forced himself on her and less than a second later, his lips were in hers.

Anger flashed through out my body. My fist slammed down the first thing below it, causing a loud crash to catch each and everyone of the students attentions.

Including the professor.

My fist hit the sound board but fvck that.

I don’t give a round of sh*t now.

An A$$ messed with my girl.

He messed with me…..

I will teach him a lesson he won’t ever forget in a hurry.

A bitter lesson.