Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 57



My hands forcefully pushed maxwell chest when I couldn’t take him kissing me anymore.

Yeah maxwell.

The same exact guy who I met at Savannah beach a few weeks ago turns out he goes to Stanford too and he also took a small liking to me.

I didn’t want to kiss him.

I didn’t even know he wanted to kiss me until he did and then Kyle had to come in.

God, he probably hates me now.

“I…I’m sorry… I just…”

“Mr Johnson…. ” our musical arts professor started,

“How nice seeing you here.”

You could tell that he is only being sarcastic by the grimace he made.

“I hope you are not on to any trouble. This year li….”

“No sir. I just….I should go.”

Kyle’s face was burning red.

His fist was clenched tightly as well which meant he saw it.

Before he stepped out of the room, he glanced at me with a look of hurt in his eyes.

It only made me felt guilty.

Kyle was right.

He was right that night. Maxwell was no good. I should have listened to him.

I stood up from my seat, ignoring Maxwell’s calls and headed to the double doors.

“Kiara, do you…”

“I’m sorry mister, this is really important. ” I interrupted the professor’s scolding and ran out the door, leaving everyone in the auditorium shocked.

I scrurried myself through out the halls but I couldn’t find him anywhere.

I sighed, tugging on my side braid [brunette] that I glanced at my yet to be noticed, red wrists from where Maxwell had tightly yanked.

My lips hurt from his forceful Kiss and how he bit my lip lustfully.

I didn’t like the kiss at all.

Not even for a bit.

It was horrible and forcing.

Plus, I didn’t want to be kissed by anyone but kyle.

A few hours went by and I wandered around the school for the first few. When it was time for break, I headed to the courtyard but there was no sign of Kyle.

I felt like crying.

He would probably think I am a slút or something.

I feel so guilty even when I know I shouldn’t be.

I held my tears in. This isn’t the time or place to cry.

I started turning to the football field where a small crowd was forming in the middle.

What the hell is going on?

A few seconds later, that small crowd formed into a larger one.

One of the guys I recognized was Kyle’s friends from back in high school, he caught my eyes and came towards me.

“What is happening over there…?”

“Kiara, he is in a fight. ” he pointed, running his fingers through his hair.

“Kyle is fighting?”


“What! Oh my God. Who is he fighting with?”