Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 55


Kiara’s P.O.V

I stayed silent, yet my heart thumped loudly inside of me as he spoke.

“Yo…You are, you are just so damn beautiful. And sweet, and cute, and..” He took a step towards me each word he said,

“..and so soft, and fragile.” His voice became quieter, his hands wrapped around my waist gently.

“And you make me feel like,” his forehead rested on mine.

That was when I had it, and silent tears trickled down my cheek.

My hands stopped against his chest, as his nose rubbed mine,

“make me feel like, I have to protect you. Like, if I don’t then,” he paused, making his gingers softly stroke my cheeks, traveling towards my lips.

“Then, I break too.”

“Kyle, I…I ”


I sniffled as he silently shushed me.

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, please.” His eyes turned softer, if that was possible, and sad.

“But I d…”

“Kiara,” He pulled away a few inches with a deep sigh.

“I get it if you don’t mean it. You don’t have to say it just because you feel bad or you don’t want to see me hurt. And, and you know. I just don’t like that Michael kid.” He rambled off.

“He knows al…almost everything about He ma…makes me so angry. Sometimes, I feel like he likes you and h…he doesn’t w…want you with me, and maybe I’m right. What if h…he does like you? I don’t want you to pi…pick him ov…over me, that would just be hor…horrible and I can’t…”

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Him comparing kiara and me to him and me?

That’s ridiculous, and disgusting!

I never even thought of micheal that way.

But, what got to me the most was that I could see his eyes turn glossy, and fill up with waters.

He was trying to blink them away, but no matter how much he did, they ended up pouring out.

He never cried.

“Kiara, I promise I can’t be….”

But before he could say anything else, I crashed my lips into his, feeling the old sparks and fireworks all over again.

He was surprised at first, but then kissed back just as lustfully.

My hands dropped from his face and tangled in his shirt, while his cupped my cheeks tightly, deepening the kiss.

His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance.

Which I gladly gave him.

He started to explore my mouth, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly, and my arms flew around his neck.

After a long while, we finally stopped, and broke away.

But our bodies stayed firmly in place, tightly wrapped around each other.

“I love you, kiara.” He breathed against my ear, kissing the the part of my cheek next to it, lustfully.

“So much.”

“I love you so much too, kyle” I dug my head into the crook of his neck as he pulled me closer into him.

I felt his breath against my collarbone, shooting a thousand tiny sparks throughout my body.

“I love it when you say my name.” He whispered.

I could just feel his smile against my skin.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

And just like that, we stayed the entire night, wrapped around in each other’s arms.

.I felt so much weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I was finally happy again.

I finally had the fairy tale my mum and dad have.

Except this one… is mine.