Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 44


Kiara P.O.V

My elbows rested on my lap, as my hands cupped my face.

A smile plastered on my lips, and my eyes reflected the bright, flaming lights of the bonfire that was straight ahead of me.

A song was playing on the background by the DJ, just a few feet away.

There were, now, many people gathered around Savannah Beach enjoying the night.

A few nights at Savannah Beach, the people community holds a fair party with bonfires, candles, music, and everything like in the movies.

And tonight was just one of those very few nights.

Scatterings of adults my age were enjoying themselves on the beach, whether they were talking, dancing, singing alone, or laughing like idiots.

Some little kids were even running around like wild geese, but that was what made it even better.

To me, those kids were the bright light to this beach get-together.

Andrea and Micheal were laughing in the distance, while kyle was no where in sight.

I sighed, sitting up as I fixed my necklace that was given to me by my mum.

I changed into a nice dress after kyle had taken that huge,horrifying splintery out of my foot.

Now, my left foot was partially wrapped up in a white, soft, cloth.

It hurt when I walk, but not as much anymore.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I felt someone fill the empty presence next to me.

At first, I thought it was kyle, so I was delighted.

But, when I turned around, it was a guy I have never seen before.

He was pretty cute, blonde with a black sweatshirt on saying ‘OBEY’ and white khaki shorts.

But definitely, not as cute as kyle.

I smiled, unsure of what to do or say, receiving a soft smile back.

“Hi, I’m Maxwell .” He snapped his head towards me, flashing me a lop-sided smile.

“Kiara” I responded, still unsure.

“Cool. So, um, do you live here or…?”

“Oh no, I don’t. My friends and I came here for a short trip, that’s all. We are staying the night at one of the hotels though, that’s for sure.”

Maxwell nodded.

“I’m here with my parents. I didn’t really want to come but, hey. I had to, and now… I’m sort of happy I made that decision.”

I furrowed my brows.


He chuckled, shaking his head.

“I met a certain beauty here.” He winked, causing a faint blush to form on my cheeks.

“Uhm, I…I’m…”

“I’m sorry, I should have not said that. Ju…just forget abo…”

“It’s fine.” I grinned, cutting him off.

“But, just so you know, if you are trying to hit on me, I’m taken.”

Maxwell snickered.

“Why wouldn’t you be? Beautiful girls like you are never un-taken. Single, I mean.”

I sighed.


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I was interrupted when I met the gorgeous brown eyes of Kyle Johnson, who was kneeling right in front of me. He extended his hand, motioning me to take the glass of punch that was in his hand, which I gladly took.

Kyle kissed my cheek, and took a seat beside me, the other side of Maxwell.

“I…Is that your boyfriend?” Maxwell inquired, obviously curious.

I nodded.

“Mhm. This is kyle, kyle this is maxwell.” I pointed towards the two of them, introducing one another.

Kyle smiled, though something about it didn’t seem right.

“Oh, I know.” He gritted, though I think he thought I didn’t hear that.

So, I ignored it.

Maxwell suddenly looked away, stammering things before standing up and leaving.

“I..I have t…to go, um, I think the DJ ne…needs me.”

Without giving me a chance to reply, he walked away towards the DJ.

By now, I was madly confused.

Did they know each other or something?

Well, I will ask kyle later.

“How is your foot?” Kyle asked, quietly changing the subject.

I looked up at him, to see him staring at my partially wrapped foot.

It was wrapped only in the middle section, so the rest of my foot was bare.

“Okay, it hurts just a bit. But, I’m fine, I think.”

“Are you sure?” His voice was concerned, which gave me butterflies in my stomach, and a small smile lingered on my lips.

“Ye…Yeah, thank you. For helping me.”

Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist, bringing me closer into him, my head on his chest.

He kissed the top of my head before saying.

“You are my responsibility.”

which only made me smile even bigger.

We stayed like that for a while, talking about random things.

I brought up the randomest, mostly talking about ponies, and if unicorns were classified as ponies.

Kyle would argue with me saying unicorns weren’t real, but of course, I would always argue back.

Though Maxwell never came up in our conversations.