Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 43


Kiara P.O.V

“Kiara…” His voice was quiet, almost shaking, but he didn’t know how I really felt.

“Baby, I’m….”

I shook my head, cutting him off.

My legs walked themselves away from him, as if he were a sinner and I was his coming victim.

I was shaking brutally, and even though I knew you would think it was a joke, it wasn’t.

Not one at all.

It wasn’t the fact that he pushed me into the water that I’m so upset about, not at all.

If I wasn’t feeling how I was feeling now, I would have laughed and played back.

But, not when I’m in a condition like this.

A tiny yelp escaped my lips as the pain began to grow, crawling up to my heel.

Soon enough, it became crucial. So crucial, I couldn’t help but scream at the the top of my lungs.

“KYLE!” I felt tears spring in my ears, burning the as I helplessly dropped to the surface of the water.

Half of my body was underneath the clear blue water, while my waist and up was above it.

“Kyle, it hurttts!” I screamed, looking down at my now-bloody left foot.

Within seconds, my body was being lifted off the water and placed onto the floor.

Well, really I was placed on kyle’s lap, he was on the shore.

“Wh…What are you talking about, kiara. What hu….”

“My foot. I…I, I think I stepped on so…something in th…the wa…water.” I bit my lip from sobbing, but you have no idea how much pain I was in right now.

Kyle’s eyes traveled to my left foot, his eyes widening as he saw it.

And my weakness took over me, sobs escaping my lips.

“Shh, shh….” Kyle whispered, cupping my face and digging it in the crook of his neck, as he kissed my forehead and told me to calm down.

“Let me see now, okay?”

He lifted my leg, his hands running over my foot as I winced.

Instinctively, I felt myself grip tighter into his body, as I tried to forget the pain.

“Kiara, I want you to know. I’m gonna have to take this out, okay? There is a huge splinter stuck on the bare of your foot. Do you….”

“No!” I moaned, shaking my head.

“Don’t take it out, it’ll hurttttt!”

But, kyle ignored my whining and kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay, on three. One.”

“Uh-uhhhhhhhhh!” My groaning didn’t seem to convince him otherwise, for he continued counting.


I felt a pain in my foot, as kyle slowly removed the killing dagger.

His lips connected with my lips just as he said,


and they didn’t leave my lips, not once.

And just like that, just as I kissed him, the burning pain in the bare of under my left foot, disappeared.

And so did the world.