Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 41


Kyle P.O.V

A chuckle escaped my lips as I watched Kiara jump out of the car like a little kid, flapping her arms as if she were a bird, and as she dashed towards Savannah Beach.

She is just so adorable, and I never noticed that before.

I know how big of a douche I was now.

But, I have changed.

Because of kiara.

Because she is just… so indescribable.


Yeah, she is more than perfect.

“We are here! We are here! We are here!” Kiara rapidly chanted, skipping around my car.

“Let’s go Kyle! Let’s go! Let’s go now!” She began pulling on my arm, and I felt as if I was already a father being driven crazy by my four year old daughter.

But, that’s just weird. Kiara is my girl. Girlfriend. And fiancee.

“I’m coming, kiara Relax.” I snickered, planting a kiss on her cheek, as I took her hand in mine.

Apparently, kiara had promised that Andrea girl yesterday, that we would go to the beach with her and micheal.

I didn’t want to, but I had to.

You couldn’t have rejected her by that face she was giving me last night.

I know, you are thinking… that I’m going to end up hurting her.

But I won’t!

I love have strong feelings for her.

And that’s a lot, considering I have never felt any feelings towards a girl in my entire life before.

And um, Andrea?

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Yeah, her.

She’s… no one important.

To me, I don’t like her.

She’s just bad news… for all of us.

Especially to me and kiara.

But, I won’t hurt kiara.

I can’t.

See now?

She’s got me tongue-tied and cliche now.

But,only for kiara.

Besides, Michael and I had a little talk last night.


He made me do something that would never let me hurt Kiara….

He made me vow.


I remembered him saying, with his pleading eyes.

“Don’t hurt her. She is fragile.” His voice was softer than a whisper, so soft that it made me want to break down.

“Her heart is a glass, and that isn’t a lie.”

I thought back to how he looked me deep in the eye, so much as though he was threatening me.

But, I knew he cared.

I knew what he said was right.

Kiara is fragile.

And she is because of me.

She was brokenhearted because of me.

I’m the reason her heart is like glass.

“Mate?” A hand placed itself on my shoulder.

“You alright?”

I mumbled a small’ hmm’ at the concerned Micheal, as he nodded and walked towards the beach, his barbie following behind him.

And by barbie, I meant Andrea.

Something is just not right about that girl.

Shaking away the thoughts, I realized the beach was practically empty.

There were only just a few people here and there.

But, it was basically empty.


No guys are here to flirt with my girl.

I spotted kiara, who ran off without me, randomly spinning in circles on the seashore.

Laughing at the sight, I made my way over to her, slipping off my shirt in the process.

Kiara’s back was facing me, making me smirk.

I wrapped my arms around her waist from the back, causing her to jump at first.

When she realized it was me, she relaxed.