Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 42


Kyle P.O.V

When she realized it was me, she relaxed and a small smile formed on her lips as well as a tint of red glowing on her cheeks.

I kissed her rosy cheek, only to make it even redder.

Laughing, I turned her around and kissed her lips, until she pushed me away.

“Stop! You are gonna make me look like Santa’s daughter! And it’s not even Christmas yet.”

I chuckled as I watched her bottom lip extend outwards, her face forming a pout.

When I began to imitate her pout, she smiled softly and stepped closer to me.

My hands instinctively flew around her waist and hers were around my neck.

Her nose brushed against mine, her eyes closed, making it so that I saw her beautiful long lashes.

My heart race picked up while she shifted closer to me.

She looked up, giving me the perfect time to get lost in her deep brown orbs.

I told you, didn’t I?

This girl makes me crazy.

I was a douche to not notice her before.

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I cupped Kiara’s small face in my hands, and brought my lips to meet hers.

But, just as they were about to meet, an obnoxious cough stopped us.

I pulled away, only to find Andrea standing in front of us with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Um, hello! What are you guys waiting for? We came here to enjoy the beach,not each other’s lips.”She whined in a very annoying hoarse voice.

You would expect her voice to be high-pitched, but it was actually a…raspytone.

Andrea’s eyes met kiara’s.

“You can save your play time for later, can’t you kiara, babe?”

Her eyes flickered something I couldn’t quite read, but I knew for a fact it wasn’t good.

Kiara furrowed her eyebrows, confused.

“Uhm, ye…yeah.” Kiara looked down, just when andrea gave me a small smirk.

Is she trying to…seduce me?

“So, let’s gooo!” Andrea snapped.

Kiara flinched at her sudden behavior.

Our intertwined fingers slowly unlocked, as kiara was being pulled away from me.

By seeing the look on her face, I could see that kiara didn’t want to go.

She wanted to stay…….

with me.

I could see she felt suddenly uneasy around andrea.

But, it wasn’t her fault.

Besides, micheal warned me.

Kiara is soft.

And fragile.

And she’s staying with me.

I don’t care what Andrea has to say about that.

Out of my own willing, I grabbed onto kiara’s hand, pulling her back into me.

“No.” I said to kiara.
“She is staying with me. She doesn’t want to go.”

Andrea crossed her arms in a challenging way as kiara stared at me, confused,

.”But kyle I’m fine wi… ”

“No. You are not.” I gripped kiara’s hand tighter when I interrupted her.

“She is staying, until you get your fvcking attitude together.” I whispered the last part.

I knew kiara would scold me if she heard that.

But, it’s true.

Andrea really does need to get herself together.

I don’t know why, nor do I have any idea why she is acting like a b!tch all of a sudden.

But, I know she knows not to snap at kiara like that.

She did that on purpose.

And she is hiding something too.

I gave her one last look, my free fist clenching, as I received a glare in return from her.

Taking kiara’s hand in mine, I walked away, pulling her with me.

Kiara was going to have a fun time here.

And I’m not ruining my plans because of another slut who just wants my attention.

I knew that was what andrea wanted.

But, I have other plans in mind for tonight.

For kiara.

To make her smile and love me like she once did a long time ago.