Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 34



“Um, h..hi.” The Alex guy stuttered, pulling his hand out for me to shake.

I nodded, a stupid smile on my face.

“Hey, I gue…guess you already know my name. It’s nice to meet you.”

Alex smiled.

And apparently, we both sort of stayed like that for a while.

Until kiara broke off our awkwardness by a soft cough.

I glanced at her smirk, causing me to roll my eyes and snicker.

“And you are Kyle” I pointed towards kiara’s fiancee.

“Wow, you guys are brothers and your names rhyme. Cool!”

The guys chuckled before letting me in to the living room.

Kiara yawned, she must have not got enough sleep.

“How are you still tired? It’s eleven in the morning.” I giggled softly.

“Well, you can thank that guy over there, for barging into our house at seven in the morning.” She weakly stated, her eyes droopy.

It seemed as if her head would fall off of her body any second now.

Kyle must have noticed it too because he immediately lifted her head and tucked her in his arms.

A growl came from alex.

“I didn’t barge in! And anyways, I’m not the one who hit myself with a fvcking bat!”

I giggled and alex shot me a smile.

My face turned hot and I started to chew on my bottom lip.

“Whatever.” Kiara muttered.

“But, now that we are all here, why don’t we do something? Or go somewhere?”

“Where do you wanna go?” Kyle questioned, mostly to kiara.

“The zoo!” Her face lit up like a Christmas tree, and she bolted out of kyle’s arms.

Kyle, Alex and I gave each other awkward stares.

“The zoo?” I snorted.

“Isn’t that for little kids?” Alex added.

Kiara’s happy expression formed into a sad pout.

“You guys are no fun! You are all stuck up and too mature, live a little!”

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You know, when people say ‘live a little’, they usually mean go get wasted, have sèx, ride motorcycles and get la….”

“I didn’t mean it that way!” Kiara covered her face in embarrassment, causing the rest of us to laugh.

“Please.” She pouted her bottom lip towards kyle.

Kyle sighed.

“There is no reason why we can’t go.”

A grin formed on my lips as I looked at the two of them.

They are so cute!

God, I had a relationship like that.

“They are cute, aren’t they?” Alex’s deep voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

He smirked.

“You said that out loud you know.”

I mentally face-palmed myself as I realized that.

“Well, love birds, let’s stop wasting time and let’s go!” I teased, grabbing my shoulder bag and following Alex out the front door.

Alex decided that kiara and kyle go in Kyle’s car and I go with him, which made me more nervous than I felt before.

Right before I got into the passenger seat of Alex’s car, I caught kiara give me a sly wink as she got into Kyle’s convertible.

During the ride, I would notice Alex staring at me once in a while.

Honestly, it was making me heat up a lot.

I mean, I don’t like him, I think.

I just met him!

But, I still don’t get why I feel like this around him.