Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 33



I woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Groaning, I climbed out of my bed and stretched.

I glanced at the wall clock to see it was only 7:10 in the morning!

Who the hell could be here this early in the morning?

I decided not to wake up kyle in the other room, and grabbed my bat in the closet.

Slowly walking down the stairs, I winced as the doorbell continued to ring.

I felt as if I was in a horror movie, ready to be attacked by a bloody murderer.

My hand rested on the knob of the front door, and I leaned closer to the small window on the side to see who it was.

For summer, it was still pretty dark out.

My heart skipped a few beats and I jumped when a deep voice startled me.


Oh, so this guy was those burglar type criminals, huh?

Trying to scare me, nothing scares me….

Almost nothing.

Still, if he wants to play, I will give him a game to play.

Without a second thought, I swung open the door, and lifted my bat above me, smacking it right on the side of the man’s stomach.

The guy crouched over and fell to the floor, clutching his side as he groaned.

“Fvcking sh…sh*t!” He screamed.

The next thing I knew, footsteps came running down the stairs as I stood in front of the door, wide-eyed.

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“What the hell hap” kyle paused his groggy voice once he saw the man on the concrete floor, on the porch. He glanced at me, wide-eyed and shocked, then looked back at the man.

“Kiara.” He started, his voice serious and strict.

“Yes?” I squeaked out, scared he would yell at me for hitting a random stranger.

His eyes traveled to my bat.

“Did you, in any way, smack my brother with that bat?” He looked me dead in the eyes.

My jaw hung low, as I accidentally dropped the bat on his foot.

Ignoring kyle’s groans of agony, I blinked in shock.


I started to hyperventilate, taking deep, shaky breaths every then and now.

I stared at kyle’s so-called brother in pity.

“I am sooo sorry!” I trailed off, helping him off the porch.

“I thought you were a thief, or robber, or murderer or something! I di…didn’t know you were kyle’s bro…brother!”

I felt kyle stand up behind me, and stare at his brother.

“It…It’s cool.” His brother stammered.

“You have a pretty tough fiancee there, kyle bro.” He chuckled weakly towards kyle.

Kyle snickering in return.

“I’m Alex, by the way.” He held his hand out for me to take.

I shook it and nodded slowly, ashamed of my earlier actions.

“Kia…Kiara.” I sputtered.

“You may come in.” I numbly stepped aside to give Alex room to come inside the mansion.

Kyle turned to his brother.

“What are you doing here?This early in the morning?! Do you see how dark it is outside still?” He yelled, his eyes droopy.

Alex shrugged.

“I just thought I should stop by and see how my little bro is doing, as well as my soon to be younger sister-in-law.” He winked in my direction, causing me to smile apologetically.

Alex smiled back.

“No worries. I’m fine. But, your fiancee’s got a lot of… imagination there.” He smirked.

I yawned, picking up my bat and walking back upstairs, after telling them I would be changing.

I took a quick five-minute hot shower, shampooing my hair and washing my body with Vanilla scented body-wash.

When I stepped out in my towel, I took my time on putting on a new batch of clothes for the day.

After drying my hair, and doing the rest of my morning routine, I walked downstairs into the kitchen.

Seeing that kyle and Alex were chatting away, I began to cook our morning meals.

A few moments passed by until two strong arms wrapped around my waist, their lips connecting with my cheek.

“Morning babe.”

I smiled.

“Good morning kyle.”

The feeling of his hands began to travel towards my bare stomach, but I slapped his hands away before he reached there.

“Stop. We are in public.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled, pecking my neck.

Breakfast went by pretty fast.

Alex and I had a few conversations here and there.

After a while, I got a text from Sandra asking if she could come over.

I replied to her with our address, waiting for her to come as the three of us started to talk about stupid things again.

Then, Kyle and Alex started to dirty-talk in front of me.


Well, let’s just say alex started congratulating kyle on getting a girl with a very nice body.

I would rather not go into details.

It wasn’t a few minutes after breakfast, that our doorbell rang…again.

Sighing, I went up to the front of the house and opened the door, letting sandra come in.

“Wow. Nice house, it’s pretty big too.” She stared at the walls in the house.

“Thanks.” I led her into the living room, where everyone else was.

I coughed, grabbing Kyle and his brother’s attention.

“You guys, this is Sandra, one of my good friends. Sandra, this is my fiancee kyle and his older brother, Alex.”

I stared at sandra and Alex, who were giving each other goofy smiles.

Ohhh, crushing already?

Huh, looks like today will be a busy day for me.