Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 2



I moaned from the tapping sun-light against my face, wondered how long I had been sleeping.

I blinked.

Shut my eyes.

blinked again.

I yawned, managed to fully open both eyes.

I hadn’t even realized the annoying beeping noise of my alarm clock, constantly buzzing.

I lifted my hand over to the clock, jamming it a couple of times till it finally stopped screaming.

Groaning, I stretched my body in bed, yawning fully.

I slumped my way out of bed, going into my bathroom and doing my morning routine.

After brushing my teeth, I went into my walk-in closet and changed out of my pajamas, and wore a blue dress.

I took a shower at night, so I will take one later.

Running out of my closet, I skipped my feet downstairs into the kitchen, where breakfast was being served by my mum.

“Good morning mum!”

Being the clumsy me, I tripped over the chair and fell on my face.


“Clumsy.” My mother snickered.

I began sitting down in front of the breakfast table.

I chomped down my omelet and my orange juice.

My dad came downstairs a few minutes later.

“Good morning Gloria and morning to you too kiara”

Mum and I replied with a ‘good morning’ as they both sat down to eat.

Dad kissed mum’s cheek, and I turned away when their lips met.

“So,mum….” I spoke after a few minutes.

“What are we doing today?”

Mum looked at my dad, I knew what they meant.

They always look at each other in a secretive way when they both have an inside conversation, to me it’s pretty cool.

Dad coughed.

“That’s for you to find out.Now hurry and finish, you are going shopping with your mother.” He changed the topic.

I nodded, obeying.

After that, we finished our breakfast in peace.

An hour later, mum and I were already ready so we headed out the door to her car.

Mum started her engine, and drove off to the mall.

I tuned up the radio in mum’s car, hoping they would be playing a song that I liked.

And I guess lucks on me because the first words I heard was my favorite line.

This song explained my love life perfectly.

The lyrics are exactly what I feel towards the one guy I fell so in love with, his name was kyle Johnson.

I loved him since the seventh grade but, he is a year older than me and went to college.

.I don’t know where he is, so I try not to think about him anymore.

Besides, he was the reason I promised myself never to fall in love again.

Love hurts.

They don’t lie when they say that.

Guess I would rather be hurt than feel nothing at all.

I guess I would.

By the time the song was over, we reached the mall.

I dashed towards Pamela Shopping Mall, my mum following closely behind.

We ended up buying the whole mall.

I made a list of stores we went to, and it was pretty long, but we finished in a few hours.

The aroma of food filled my senses, causing me to glee dreamily to the food court.

I walked up to the counter, ready to order food.

“Hello what can I get for you?” A blonde boy around my age greeted.

I gotta admit he was pretty hot, but he looked like a player.

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Once his eyes landed on me, his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape.

He smirked, then winked.

I was confused.

who was he winking at?

I looked behind me, only to find a middle aged man waiting in line.

I widened my eyes.

is he gay or something?

I heard the blonde guy laugh.

“Not him. I was winking at you beautiful thing.”

Oh that makes sense.

I looked at him closely again, narrowing my eyes.

Yep, he is a player.

“What can I do for you now?” He winked again.

I smiled….a fake one.

“Hm. First, you can stop flirting with me and second, I will like another employee to take my order.” I snapped, muttering curse words under my breath.

I absolutely hated guys like him.

“Feisty, I like it.” He licked his lips.

I rolled my eyes, glancing at his nametag.


I growled.

“Listen here dylan. I’m just here to order food for mum and I. I’m not here so you can ‘woo’ me to take me home and get me into your nasty little bed, alright? I bet you had a ton of girls on there haven’t you? I know guys like you, and I want nothing to do with you!” At that, I walked away nonchalantly, leaving dylan wide-eyed.

He must have never been rejected.

Well there is a first for everything.

I grabbed my mum’s hand and drove her away from the mall, as she drove straight home, not saying anything.

My mum sent me straight to my room, her coming along.

She pulled out one of the dresses we bought and laid it on the bed.

“Go take a long hot shower, and when you come out put on this dress. Alright? No questions, and just do as I say for once. ”

I groaned but entered the bathroom with a towel in hand.

I stripped down to nothing and went inside the bathroom to shower.

To be continued