Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 1



Written By: Pamela James


Three Years Before

“I love you.” I squeaked quietly.

His other friends stared down at me in awe.

I could tell they were trying hard not to break.

Kyle glanced at me, a smirk plastered on his face.

“You? Love me? I never knew.” He started to walk away.

I was left in the school courtyard, silently crying.

I thought he had already left by now, but I didn’t realized he had stopped on his tracks and looked back at me.

“If you ever thought I would love you back, you are the dumbest piece of sh*t out there! Kiara I never even liked you! You were always so fvcking stuck-up, and so loud and you acted like you owned the world but you fvcking don’t!”

I flinched when he yelled.

My heart began to hurt as he said each word.

“We are two, totally different people kiara. I can’t believe you actually thought that, I, kyle Johnson, the most popular guy in this school, would actually like a geek like you! You are a waste of time, you know that?”

I didn’t do anything to help myself from being humiliated like this.

I wanted to die.

I wanted to vanish and get away from this world.

I wanted to be anyone else but me now.

But, I couldn’t change anything now.

“You are absolutely nothing in this world. It will be better if you will just go and get lost! Can’t you see that no guy will ever fall in love with you? How hard is it to sh….”

“Hey, Jerk”

A high-pitched voice screamed.

I looked over my shoulder to see a girl my age, screaming her guts out at kyle.

I was too hurt to look up to see her, but I soon found out the girl was Andrea, one of my good friends.

“You son of a b*tch! Get off of her!”

“Or what? I dare you to make me.” Kyle fought back.

Andrea snarled at him.

“If Micheal was here, I swear you would be dead right now! But since he is not, let me tell you this.” She started, helping me up.

I stood by her, not daring to look up at Kyle.

Andrea held my hand protectively.

“First up. You don’t have to go all fvcking jock-mode on her just because she confessed something. Alright? Second. You should be lucky she loves you, because she is the only girl that would ever truly love you! Do you see how other girls look at you? You are a total as$ wipe! In fact, the only pieces of sh*t here, is you and your as$hole friends. So, you know? We will just be going! And I will leave you to burn in hell!”

And just at that, she yanked my wrist, leading me to the exit of the school.

“Great! JUST GO! And guess what? Today graduation is for us, I hope I never even fvcking see you again!”

Once we were pulled outside, I broke down crying… Crying my first heartbreak, and hopefully my last.

To be continued.

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