Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 10



I jumped out of my bed when I realize mum has been calling my name for the past five minutes!

I opened the door, to see an angry mum glaring at me.

“Sorry mum! I was just reading Queen of heart and you know how I get when I do.”

Mum sighed.

“Okay. But go put on a pretty dress because the Johnson’s will be here anytime soon ”

I nodded, then dashed for the closet.

Hmm… what to wear.

What to wear.

I sang in my head.

I flipped through all my dresses until I found one I approved of.

It was one of my favorites dress.

It was a dress that was blue at the bottom half and cream at the top, with a brown leather belt around the stomach and bows on the brea$t area.

I slipped on the dress, and applied a coat of lip-gloss, then skipped down the stairs.

I heard a few voices, which meant the Johnson’s were already here.

Lord, help me please!

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I took in a shaky deep breath, hoping to look strong in front of kyle.

I don’t want him to break me again.

I entered the dining area, where everyone was seated for dinner including kyle.

I noticed that the only seat left was the one next to kyle, and mum was pointing to that seat like a little girl trying to make her older brother pick her favorite candy to buy.

I mentally groaned, but took my seat there anyway.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.” I greeted them.

I didn’t have a problem with them, just with Kyle.