Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 11



Mr. and Mrs. johnson liked me and treated me like their own daughter, so I treated them like I do with my parents.

They were my soon to be parents-in-law anyway.

They smiled at me in response.

Mrs. Johnson grinned.

“You look beautiful as always sweetie.”

I giggled, thanking her.

I glanced at kyle who had his eyes on his food, not saying anything to anyone.

That is not new at all.

I mentally shrugged, beginning to eat my food.

I suddenly felt insecure about myself, thinking back to the times kyle would taunt me for ‘eating too much’.


We were both middle-schoolers.

I was a seventh grader and kyle was an eighth.

We never really talked much, but our classes had lunch at the same time.

One day, he came over to my table and snickered at me.

“When are you gonna stop?” Kyle peered over my shoulder.

I looked at him weirdly.

“Stop what?”

Kyle rolled his eyes.

“You eat nonstop. Don’t you ever look at yourself in the mirror?”

I felt my stomach churn as I realized where he was going with this. That wasn’t a very nice thing to say.

“You shouldn’t say that aloud, kyle.”

Kyle laughed evilly.

“You are a first grader! A pu$sy! What are you going to do about it?” He said in a baby voice.

I felt a lump in my throat, as I tried not to cry.

I couldn’t help it though.

I was always very sensitive.

“Kyle, that’s not so nice.”

Kyle glared at me hard, before he burst out laughing.

“Damn, how much do you even weigh kiara I think 150 pounds for a seventh grader!” He spat.

I looked down at my body.

I wasn’t even that fat!

I was in fact, very flat!

I was also those type of girls, that no matter how much you eat, you never gain much!

So why does he say I weigh a lot?

I don’t even weigh a lot.

I’m only 90 pounds for a twelve year old.

That’s not so bad, is it?

Apparently, to other people, it’s pretty bad.

I ran out of the cafeteria, crying hysterically as the mocking laughter of kyle rang through the halls.

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*End of Flashback*

I instantly stopped eating, causing kyle to stare at me in confusion.

I stared at the turkey my mum had cooked, the mashed potato on one side of the plate, the gravy falling flawlessly on the turkey, the circular green beans rolling around the plate.

I guess I do eat a lot.

I started to pick at my food, not wanting to eat anymore.

He must have realized why I stopped, because I heard him mutter,


“Well, Kyle and Kiara.” Mrs. Johnson beamed at the two of us.

“We have a surprise for you two.”


Not again.

The last time I got a surprise, I ended up being forced for life with a guy who completely and utterly ruined me.

Mr. Johnson nodded.

“I hope you two like this. Because… it’s pretty amazing for me.”

My dad cleared his throat.

“Well you two…” He aroused.

“We decided we would do a bit of planning.”

“Get to the point dad.” I stated.

“Okay, okay. Well, kyle and you will be moving in together.”

I spit out the water that was in my mouth, coughing hysterically.

Mum and Mrs. Johnson ran up to me, patting my back and helping me up.

I couldn’t focus.

I saw kyle looking at me with hurt, but I didn’t care.

He hurt me many times worse before.

Who cares about his feeling now, if he never cared about mine?

And he already broke my heart?

But I knew, I still did.

Even still, I couldn’t get dad’s words out of my mind.

Here comes the tears.

Kyle was right.

I guess I really am weak.

Still, those last few words played over and over again in my mind like an old broken record.

“You and kyle will b e moving in together.”