Are You Making Love Or Money? 


 It’s not love when you date men to meet your needs. When you don’t mind sleeping with any man that comes your way in the name of dating, and even though you don’t charge them per round of sex but present to them a list of needs they have to satisfy.

It is not love when you don’t mind giving him your virginity just because he is rich and comes from good home, and you don’t even mind if he is not concerned about marriage.
Money and sex are not of the same value and you can’t trade one for the other. You can take back money given to someone but you can’t take sex back.
You can take back money given to someone but you can’t take back your virginity.
The value of money can appreciate but not for sex. Interest can be earn on money and not on sex.
It is love when you have value, character, morals and stand for what is right and never fall for what is juicy.
Money can buy everything except character and morals. Money can buy a prostitute but cannot buy a good woman.
It takes a good woman to make a good wife, a good marriage; a good husband for a good home. So if money is your focus for marriage or relationship then I am sorry to tell you, you have already failed from the start.